Malayan's Vital Cover

Why You Need Malayan’s Vital Cover in 2022


Filipinos met the new year with news that Alert Level 3 would be raised in Metro Manila. Soon after, other provinces followed suit, increasing to a higher alert level and rightfully so. By January 9, 2021, the country had logged a record high of 128,114 active COVID-19 cases, the highest since October 2, 2021. The Department of Health (DOH) has also noted a positivity rate of 44% out of 77,479 tests last January 7.

The new Omicron variant, which the DOH first detected on December 15, 2021, is slowly gaining new cases each day. Although studies have shown Omicron to be milder than its predecessor, it is still a risky virus to contract for the unvaccinated and people with weaker immune systems. 

Lockdowns are becoming prevalent these days due to these developments. Even with vaccination efforts and civilians taking precautionary measures in their everyday commutes, the risk of infection is always a lingering possibility. With that in mind, taking steps to ensure oneself and other family members in the event of COVID infection is an excellent option to consider. 

One of the best insurance plans out there is Malayan’s Vital Cover, which offers COVID-19 protection plans to help alleviate the stress to come with COVID-19 and provide its insured with cash assistance. This insurance plan has also received two global honors: the Best Non-Life Insurance Product title from the UK-based publication Global Banking & Finance Review last September 2021 for its generous policies. Malayan is also one of the first insurance companies to provide such cash assistance for COVID-19 in the Philippines.

The Vital Cover offers four plans to choose from, three of which provide an entire year’s worth of coverage and cash assistance for hospital stays, accidents caused by COVID-19, or loss of life. Besides that, the four plans also give out cash assistance for cases related to Dengue and Chikungunya, illnesses that are usually prevalent during dry seasons. 

This kind of insurance is perfect for those who work on-site weekly or for people who find themselves living and commuting in cities with high infection rates. Keep in mind that the insurance does not cover those treated for COVID-19 outside of the country.

It has been two years since we entered the first quarantine lockdown. It is hard to predict when this pandemic will end, but we can make the most of our situation. It may be grim to prepare for the worst, but preparing for one’s future is better than not preparing at all. 

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