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Why Cleanliness Is Important In A Restaurant

Part of maintaining a successful restaurant business is making sure everything is up to par. From the food to the decor to the marketing, everything must be perfect so that you can fill those seats with hungry customers. It’s no wonder that owners invest in things such as renovation services, property insurance in the Philippines, and housekeeping to ensure their venture into the food industry bears fruit.

With the last service in particular, it’s a no-brainer that maintaining cleanliness is of absolute importance in a food business. If you fail to do this, it can spell disaster for your new restaurant. Here are the reasons why being clean is absolutely crucial in preserving this type of business.

Appealing to potential diners

The most important people restaurants should be catering to are the customers. They are the ones bringing in money, posting their reviews, and recommending your food to people they know. If you don’t capture their interest from the get-go, you’ll have a hard time winning them back. A dirty restaurant can catch their attention, but not the attention you’d want. It would be hard for them to stomach what they’re eating if they see grime and dust on the walls, for example. Best to clean up so you don’t turn away potential diners.

Adding to the feel of the restaurant

Each restaurant has a particular atmosphere it’s going for, whether it be Filipino-themed, Mexican cuisine-centric, or cafe-inspired. Whatever the ambiance you’re going for, it’s safe to say that a messy establishment can kill that vibe immediately. It’s not enough that you maintain the feel through the decorations and the menu. You also have to clean up so that your restaurant can have a neat aura no matter the theme and the food you’re serving. Because trust us, no one wants to eat in a place that feels dirty.

Adhering to food safety standards

Last but definitely not the least, you have to clean up your kitchen if you want your food to be both delicious and safe to consume. If you’ve ever watched Kitchen Nightmares by Gordon Ramsay and got to the part where he berates the owners for their filthy kitchens, you’ll get what we mean. Not only is a dirty kitchen quite unhealthy and potentially dangerous for both the staff and the customers, you’ll end up being reported for it. Here in the Philippines, a Food Safety Compliance Officer (FSCO) can report your establishment if they see any health code violations. At worst, you could be shut down if they find your restaurant not practicing safety measures.

What can you do to maintain cleanliness?

So we’ve established the fact that keeping your restaurant neat and tidy is important from various business perspectives. So what can you do now? Simply put, you have to clean regularly. You and your staff need to disinfect surfaces, sweep and mop floors, throw away trash, get rid of cooking equipment grease, wash dishes, and more. Full Service Restaurant recommends dividing the duties in between daily, weekly, and monthly tasks so you don’t have to clean everything all the time. But make sure to follow these strictly and apply it to both the front of house and the kitchens at the back.

In the food industry, simply banking on food isn’t enough to make your venture successful. Your establishment also has to follow basic hygienic measures for the sake of the food, the customers, your restaurant’s business permit, and its reputation as a whole. Don’t be a slob when it comes to managing your restaurant and practice rigorous cleaning methods. That way, your business can have a better chance of thriving amid the competition. And of course, you can continue to cook without the fear of being reported to health officials hanging at the back of your head.