Driving Tips

When Does Driving Become Harmful For Your Health?

Stay safe on the road! Carefully observe if you are in the best physical or mental condition to go for longer drives.


Driving is a very important means of transportation, especially in our world’s current state. Aside from acquiring essentials and dealing with emergencies, many still rely on driving for their livelihood. However, we know that too much of any activity can cause damaging consequences. For this reason, many look into getting car insurance in the Philippines for reassurance in case of disasters and accidents.

But when does driving start to become harmful for your health? Ask yourself these questions below to evaluate your condition before going back on the road:

Do you feel tired all the time?

Fatigue can result after long periods of monotonous tasks or inactivity. This could be noticed when you experience “microsleeps” during drives due to severe drowsiness. In effect, you may have a slower reaction time to changing road conditions, drivers, pedestrians, and other obstacles. 

If you are in this kind of bad shape, it is advisable to refrain from driving for a while for your safety. Having adequate focus is crucial, especially when you are also trying not to contract the coronavirus in the middle of your trips.

Do you get enough exercise?

Driving for a long while can result in exhaustion, even if doing so is not really considered as proper exercise. During the pandemic, many people who drive are also likely to sit for long hours at home. Hence, uninterrupted sitting can mess with your metabolism because it makes digestion not as efficient. 

Having a sedentary lifestyle also increases the risk of chronic health problems. This includes heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancers. 

Do you have difficulty controlling anger?

Aside from the negative physical impacts of driving too much, this can also affect your mental and psychological health. According to a psychology professor at the University of Hawaii, driving is an activity where you are possibly surrounded by hundreds of people with negative emotions. This, in turn, can make you as the driver unaware of your own behaviors which can lead to illogical or reckless decisions on the road.

With these matters in check, you can assess if you are in the best condition for longer drives. Health is priceless, so we must strive for a balanced lifestyle to be equipped for travels. Get yourself the best car insurance in the Philippines today to lessen your worries on the road.