What You Need To Know About Living The Van Life

what need to know for van life living - car insurance philippines

The saying, “you can’t drive a house but you can live in a car” is a testament to how useful your vehicle is. Because of this, many get car insurance in the Philippines early on to protect this asset from future mishaps.

But, have you ever dreamed of living in a vehicle? Several people have already tried and are still enjoying it. Some of them even started their own vlogging channels to capture this out-of-the-box lifestyle. If you are curious about what it’s like, here’s what you should know:

When did people start living in a van?

Living the #vanlife is a trend that has been resurfacing in the last couple of years on social media. However, “van dwelling” is a lifestyle that already started in the late 19th century in the United Kingdom. 

Living in a van can either be full or part-time, as long as it is modified with basic amenities. These can include house batteries, solar panels, bed platforms, and some form of a toilet, sink, and storage space.

What are the main reasons for doing so?

Throughout the years, people have fairly similar reasons for choosing this lifestyle. Some are trying to seek freedom, self-sufficiency, or mobility without paying for conventional housing or rent. They just find this quirky, nomad lifestyle more convenient, exciting, and ultimately rewarding. 

What do you need to begin?

As much as possible, you will need a comfortable, spacious, and affordable van. A 2-seater car may be inadequate, so a solid investment is required for beginners. You must also update driving documents, sort out delivery arrangements, and secure valuables in a bank. 

Additionally, you have to plan for these things:

  • Legal parking options
  • Security: spare key, steering wheel lock, self-defense tools
  • Power: portable jump starter or alternative power source like solar panels
  • Food: cooking tools, appliances, cooling storage
  • Hygiene: list of establishments for bathing options, portable toilet, and toiletries
  • Sleep: sleeping bags or tent, cooler fans
  • Privacy: window shades or curtains
  • Laundry: list of cheap laundromats 
  • Sanitation: trash bags, COVID-19 PPEs, and sanitizers
  • First aid or custom emergency kit


While living the van life looks thrilling on the surface, there are still heaps of legal, health, and security issues to deal with. Most people would also have to explain this decision to their family, friends, and loved ones. But if you really want to, consider this idea once it is safer to go outside. Otherwise, try this out for vacation purposes first. See how this works out before dropping everything behind to commit.

At the end of the day, any huge undertaking on the road must be planned thoroughly to combat unfortunate events. Stay safe, and contact your trusted insurance companies in the Philippines for added financial security today!