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Guidelines To Remember When Traveling Back To The Philippines

COVID’s not gone yet! Here’s a quick guide on what to remember when traveling back to the Philippines!

Air travel was practically non-existent at the height of COVID-19. Now that restrictions have mellowed, people have gone on vacation marathons to make up for it. But of course, we’re not back to the old normal yet. There are still protocols to enjoy trips safely, and this goes for both foreigners and returning locals. The Philippines is no different. 

Read this guide to determine what you need to do before entering the country.

Before Departure

  1. Travelers must bring a facemask during the flight and their stay in the country.
  2. Traze App must be installed on the traveler’s phone as mandated by the Philippine Department of Transportation.
  3. Travelers must register under the Bureau of Quarantine’s OneHealthPass Online Registration Platform. 
  4. Travelers must secure an RT-PCR test from an approved test provider. 
  5. Update your OneHealthPass after receiving a negative RT-PCR test result.

Please note that if the traveler comes up as COVID-positive, they will not be allowed entry into the country. Investing in travel insurance is recommended to recover travel expenses should such an incident occur.

Also, be up to date with your Philippine Visa applications to ensure a smooth journey toward our beautiful country.

Upon Arrival

Thankfully, things have gotten more accessible since the implementation of COVID-prevention procedures in 2020-2021. Returning OFWs should do the following:

  1. Upon arrival, proceed to the assigned gate with accompanying documents  
    1. Proof of Vaccination
    2. OneHealthPass
    3. Negative RT-PCR Test
    4. Other supporting documents depend on the traveler (OFWs, Foreign Nationals)
  2. Validate your documents with an immigration officer and proceed to go through inspection (temperature check + quarantine confirmation if found with symptoms)
    1. If found positive or with major symptoms, quarantine protocols must be followed
    2. If found not vaccinated or partially vaccinated, quarantine protocols must be followed
    3. If found negative and is fully vaccinated, proceed to baggage claim
  3. Submit customs form to the customs officer

Quarantined OFWs will need to book a hotel at the hotel and transportations desk. Further instructions will be given to you by the officer in charge of quarantine protocols. 

For non-vaccinated, partially-vaccinated, and no proof-of-vaccination certificate

As of February 2022, vaccinated travelers are not required to quarantine upon arrival. The non-fully vaccinated will be treated as non-vaccinated travelers and must undergo hotel or facility quarantine until they are granted a negative swab test result. Testing usually takes place after the fifth day.

Once negative, travelers are advised to self-monitor for seven days. Refer to the Philippine Airlines Guide here for a complete guide list concerning specific foreigners such as nationals and former Filipinos.

Travel safe!

Remember, the Philippines can’t be cured of COVID unless everyone does their part in preventing the spread. Heed this travel guide and prepare the necessary documents before departing.