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What To Remember When Going Out This Pandemic

We’re not out of the woods yet with this pandemic! Here’s what you should remember when you head outside!

Pandemic restrictions may be easing, but that doesn’t mean we’re going back to the old normal. Remember, COVID-19 cases are still rampant worldwide, and it’s not stopping soon. While many people have become more confident in braving public places thanks to vaccines and boosters, we mustn’t forget to protect ourselves by practicing safety measures whenever we head outside.

Please remember to do the following to avoid getting in contact with dangerous virus variants.

Stock up on sanitation gear

Hand sanitizers, alcohol sprays, and face masks are essential to have when heading out. Remember, the virus can cling onto any person and object, and that hand you just used to wipe your nose may be the catalyst for getting you hospitalized. If you have a personal vehicle, get into the habit of disinfecting it after use to further protect your home from foreign viruses.

Bring your vaccination cards

Vaccination cards are practically mandatory when going outside, mainly because many restaurants, supermarkets, and malls require their visitors to be vaccinated before entering the premises. Many establishments in the Philippines just want to ensure everyone’s safety through contact prevention and monitoring efforts. 

Get COVID insurance

Even with vaccination, there’s a slight chance of getting infected with COVID that could leave you or your family hospitalized. It’s hard to tell with this virus, so getting COVID insurance via Vital Cover Philippines is a good investment. The last thing anyone needs is to worry about medical costs while recovering in a hospital bed. 

One more good thing about Vital Cover is that it also covers dengue and malaria cases, prevalent during the rainy seasons. Other insurance companies in the Philippines also offer similar policies, but with Vital Cover, you are at least ensured a decent payout in the event of hospitalization.

Keep your guard up

These days, people aren’t too affected by large crowds compared to the middle of 2020. Since many Filipinos have gotten their vaccine and booster shots, it’s less dangerous to roam about gathering places. 

There’s still the danger of getting infected by COVID or becoming a carrier for it. We’re not saying you shouldn’t have fun, but you should keep your guard up. We’re a long way from the way things were, but we’ve gotten past quarantines and flight restrictions. Stay safe!