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What To Do When You Lose Your Philippine Passport Abroad


Your passport is the key to the world. Travelling will be impossible without it, thus it’s only logical that you make sure it’s tucked safe and sound with you at all times. Losing it can have severe consequences you would prefer not to experience like identity theft and other crimes.

Believe us when we say it’s already bad enough to lose a passport in your own country.  But can you imagine the hassle if you lost it abroad? There are so many documents that you have to process to have it renewed. You also would have to apply and pay again. Nevertheless, you would have no choice but to immediately address the problem to avoid any circumstances you wouldn’t want yourself to be in. Here’s what to do:

File a Police Report

You need this document to secure a temporary travel document. A police report is also a requirement for claiming should you have a travel insurance in the Philippines. Being insured, in fact, can be quite helpful in assisting you during such inconvenience.

Find the Philippine embassy or consulate

Schedule an appointment for renewal with the closest Philippine embassy or consulate to you. Before you go, make sure to ring them up first and ask how to set one. Walk-ins are usually not allowed. In some countries, personal appearance in the Philippine embassy or consulate is not even required. Make sure to check and inquire all the things you’re unsure of to prepare.

Show up on your appointment

Bring all necessary documents with you, as well as the police report you have filed. It would also help if you have any photocopies of your travel documents.

Decide what to do

When at the Philippine embassy or consulate, you are given a choice between applying for a new passport or for a temporary travel document. The decision would depend greatly on whether you still have enough time and money to have it renewed in the country you’re in. Costs vary per country, so it’s best to check how much and how long it will take. Most people, however, prefer a travel document rather than renewing as it is faster and cheaper. You may use it to pass through immigration and fly back to the Philippines.

Losing a passport abroad can make any person anxious, which is why it’s best to always take extra precautions. It can be quite time consuming as well as costly. If it ever happens to you, stay calm and charge it to experience. Immediately address the problem and don’t think twice to ask for assistance from your travel health insurance provider from the Philippines or go to the police desk nearest you.