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Ways Malayan Insurance Keeps You Insured During the Rainy Season

In a country where long heavy rains end in catastrophic proportions, we make sure to protect our family, ourselves, and our valued possessions. Just last September when Typhoon Maring hit the Philippines, more than 2,000 families  were affected. This equates to 2,000 households ruined beyond repair, properties washed off with a wave of the water, millions of pesos worth of investments gone with the wind.

Malayan Insurance, the country’s leading non-life insurance provider gives aid to those affected by untoward incidents by giving coverage for expenses and loss of income as a result of injury or death due to accidents.

Insurance policies and services provided by Malayan Insurance goes beyond simply compensating stakeholders who were held victim by natural disasters. There are more ways on how the company helps policyholders during the rainy season:

Planning ahead

The key to maximizing the aid insurance companies give is to plan ahead. Becoming aware of your surroundings and inferring possible calamities that may struck in your area help you plan ahead. This includes determining what insurance policies to avail to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Malayan Insurance provides home insurance policies that provides insurance coverage for potential losses to both the structure of the house and its contents due to natural calamities and accidents.


Large scale natural disasters make processing of claims difficult for some people. Malayan Insurance provides its clients assistance in processing of claims, renewal of insurance policies, quotations for various insurance coverages, requests for inspection of risk and many other services that are convenient in times of need. We also give our clients price quotations for fire and motorcar accidents, as well as casualty insurance quotes in case of fire and other untoward incident.

Car repairs

Flood water caused by heavy rains can damage your car. A comprehensive car insurance gives you protection and insures you against theft, damage caused by accidents, fire, malicious acts, and calamities. Our authorized car repair locations all over the country makes it convenient for our policyholders immediate car repairs in times of need.

Protection of investments

The worst case scenario of a disaster on a rainy season is heavy flooding, bringing damage beyond repair to your most valued possession. We understand the hard work you spent just to be able to invest on a home, or a car you can call your very own. Malayan Insurance protects your assets with Malayan Home Protect Plus which provides you with our comprehensive and customizable insurance policies.

Preparing for the future

Just like the weather, human life can be unpredictable, especially during times of danger. Accidents caused by rain soaked slippery roads, low lying areas in the countries that are prone to flooding and landslides can endanger lives. These accidents have the possibility of bringing life to a halt, especially if you are the one who mainly provides for yourself and your loved ones.

Malayan’s Total One Protection is a comprehensive but affordable policy that helps you prepare for your and your family’s future by covering accidental death, disablement, medical assistance any many more to ease your worries shall the time of need comes.

With an unpredictable climate that bring the most devastating calamities every year, you can never be too sure with the protection you place upon yourself and your loved ones. Ensure to be sure with Malayan Insurance!

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