Types Of Cargo Ships

Being the inexpensive option, sea freight has always been one of the top considerations of international shipment. Compared to air freight, sending packages via cargo ships isn’t as fast but it does trump the former with its ability to accommodate heavier loads for less. Provided that you have secured yourself with the best marine insurance in the country, then you have nothing to worry about. Also, you’d have the following cargo ship options to choose from, depending on your package.

Container Vessels

Type of cargo: general cargo

Emerging in the 1960s, container vessels today are more common and more efficient for shipping general merchandises. 

In spite of its size variety, this ship has been found to be more fuel and energy efficient. In fact, it emits 40 times less CO2 compared to a large air freight vehicle. For its loading and unloading process, a container vessel uses gantry canes.

Bulk Vessels

Type of cargo: solid/dry bulk load

Bulk vessels are best fit for commodities transported without packaging like grains, fertilizer, and even power sources like coal and other minerals. Because of this, it doesn’t use a typical crane to load or unload its cargo. It relies on conveyors or pumps as loading and unloading equipment.

Break Bulk Vessels

Type of cargo: general cargo

This vessel is designed to carry both dry and liquid cargo, making it the oldest variety of cargo carrying vessels. Truth be told, it has served as the most essential vehicle of trade. Today, however, break bulk vessels have slid into the background to make way for recent innovations and advancements in cargo ships.

Reefer Vessels

Type of cargo: food and perishable goods

Shipping anything temperature sensitive? The reefer vessel is your best bet yet. With this cargo ship, your goods are sure to reach its destination in prime condition.

Tanker Vessels

Type of cargo: liquids

Tanker vessels have many variations like oil tankers and gas carriers. Because of the sensitivity of its cargo, these ships are designed with special and technical specifications fit for its transportation.

Ro-Ro Vessels

Type of cargo: wheeled cargo

Ro-Ros are usually used for carriage of land vehicles, heavy equipment, and the like. It loads and unloads its cargo with the use of a ramp.

With these vessels in mind, one can already conclude that the shipping industry has definitely gone through so many changes. To accommodate the trade industry and economic growth of every country (and businessmen), geniuses have made it possible to ship goods from all over the world.