Types Of Alarms You May Hear On Ships


An emergency at sea is something everyone wouldn’t want to happen yet should prepare for. There are certain precautions that seafaring companies take to lessen casualties during such unexpected events. Knowing what to do once alarms sound off can help you respond faster and increase your survival rate.

Alarms are installed all over the ship and made to be audio-visual warnings. This is to ensure that it is evident and noticeable for all who see and hear it. It is a standard set so that no matter what ship or company a seafarer is employed, the universality will make it easier for them to distinguish its meaning.

Here are the alarms that you should keep on the lookout for in case of an emergency:

General Alarm

A general alarm signifies that there is an emergency ongoing. It can be recognized by the crew as the ship’s horn or bell is sounded seven times in short intervals and a long one. This can be activated only at the Navigation Bridge. Afterwards, a PA system shall announce the nature of the emergency.

Fire Alarm

If there is continuous ringing of either the ship’s electrical bell or horn, seafarers know that there is fire on the ship. All must then go to their respective stations as the location of the fire is announced through the PA system.

Man Overboard Alarm

When a man has fallen overboard, the crew is informed by the ship’s internal alarm and whistle. The internal alarm bell will sound three long rings and three long blasts for the ship’s whistle. During this time, details about the person is announced along with his location. Crew onboard are the expected to perform assigned tasks in order to conduct a successful rescue.

Navigational Alarm

Navigational equipment mostly comes with a failure alarm. Once any malfunction is detected, the alarm will immediately activate.

Machinery Space Alarm

There are devices and alarms in the engine room to guarantee a safety operation. When something happens, a common engine room alarm will operate that can be seen on a control panel in the engine control room.

Abandon Ship Alarm

During uncontrollable circumstances and when the ship deemed unsafe, a general alarm will be sounded so that the crew and passengers can head over to the emergency muster station. The master of the ship or his substitute will then give out a verbal abandon ship order.

Ship Security Alarm System

In case of a pirate attack, a silent alarm system is utilized. Different coastal authorities are informed of the attack with a signal via global satellite system.

Whether a passenger or part of the crew, it’s important to know what these alarms stand for. As time is of the essence, following the safety guidelines given is very critical . After all, your safety is what matters. Worry not of material things and the like because that’s what a marine insurance is for.

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