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Top 3 Insurance Plans To Get As Newlyweds In 2021

Got engaged or recently married? Look into these plans from reputable non-life insurance companies in the Philippines.


Nowadays, it is becoming more common to see couples celebrating their recent weddings or engagements. A lot of these stories are inspirational, as people get creative with their big day in the middle of the pandemic. Consequently, many shift into a smaller and more intimate wedding for everyone’s safety. And if you are considering it, yourself, you can step it up even further to have security as you go into married life.

For recent and aspiring newlyweds, these are some policies from reputable non-life insurance companies in the Philippines you should look into this 2021:

Travel Health Insurance

Amid the economic setbacks by COVID-19, people try their best to adapt. For many couples, life goes on as they find better ways to hold meaningful weddings. As the future is still uncertain, going outside and travelling with ease with your new family would be tougher to accomplish.

For these reasons, having a trustworthy travel insurance in the Philippines would shoulder a huge part of the burden. Availing one with COVID-19 policy can cover personal accidents and liability, emergency medical treatments, recovery of trip terminations, and other travel inconveniences you might encounter.

Homeowners Insurance

Getting married and becoming a homeowner at the same time are two new major responsibilities for newlyweds. Being prepared for disasters and emergencies beforehand would greatly assist you with household and budget management later on.

One of the best ways to safeguard yourselves from the heavy costs of potential losses and damages is getting extensive home insurance in the Philippines. In case of inevitable typhoons and floods, fire, volcanic eruption, burglary, and the like, you and your spouse would be confident to know that you are well-covered. 

Car Insurance Policy

Aside from caring for your homes, do not overlook the importance of protecting your own vehicles as well. During the pandemic, having a reliable means of transportation not only provides extra convenience but also reduces the health risks of COVID-19. 

With comprehensive car insurance in the Philippines, you would be able to secure yourself financially from road accidents, natural calamities, theft, riots, and more. Or if you have other vehicles like a motorbike, you could alternatively look into motorcycle insurance protection as well. Drive more productively and efficiently by insuring your vehicles ahead of time.

Getting married is a challenging but fulfilling endeavor. And as the leading non-life insurance company in the Philippines, Malayan Insurance is there to keep you covered in this new chapter. Best wishes and stay safe, as you enjoy a wonderful married life this 2021!