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Top 10 Dangerous Cities in The World to Travel

Safety and security should be a priority at all times. All the more when you are travelling to a foreign land, on your own or not. Travelling unprepared can have serious repercussions which you will undeniably regret. It’s so important to do all the research necessary of the place you’re planning to travel to. If possible, look into places you should not even bother going to until you are sure it’s safe.

Here are some of the cities you should think twice about flying to:

  1. Belem, Brazil

Sometimes called Para, Belem is a city and a port situated on Guajara Bay. At the mouth of the Amazon River, the city has become a transit point for traffickers. In 2017, a photographer named Tommaso Protti, documented the sad reality of locals in Belem. The wilderness of the Amazon has become a shanty town of people victimized by the narco world. With Brazilians consuming 18% of the global supply, it’s not surprising that the city’s homicide rates are hitting 71.38 murders per 100,000 residents. In fact, Financial Times tagged it as the most worrying side-effect of the country’s recent consumer boom.

  1. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

One of Venezuela’s urban populations, Ciudad Guayana is a new economic center especially for major industries like iron, steel, and aluminum. With its problem with politics and unsteady economy, however, Ciudad Guayana has been struggling with the rising violence in its territory. A number of 80.28 homicides per 100,000 residents has been recorded to be happening, leaving its government no choice but to apply a hard-line military stance.

  1. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico

Until today, the U.S. State Department is providing a Level 2 advisory to those traveling to Mexico. This level of advisory means travellers must practice caution to ensure their safety and security. This is due to the prevalence of violent crime in Mexico.

Crime in Ciudad Victoria has been at an all time high for the last 3 years. Its homicide rate at 83.32 murders per 100,000 residents garnered the city a spot at the list of the most dangerous cities in the world. Things like walking alone at night, leaving your valuables in the car, and more are not recommended. The reason being its geographic location is found between smuggling routes. Thus, gang violence runs rampant in this destination.

  1. Fortaleza, Brazil

Apart from 83.48 murders happening per 100,000 residents, Fortaleza is a well-known city for tourist prostitution. Clients of prostitutes are often victimized after they are knocked out cold by either alcohol or drugs secretly put in it. The hired gentleman or lady of the evening robs them.

  1. La Paz, Mexico

Crime in La Paz has gone off the rails that even a security official from La Paz revealed in an interview with El Universal that the state’s police remain both ineffective and unresponsive to violent crime. In fact, in January, a shootout between police and a criminal group was uploaded to the internet. The offenders were using an arsenal of high-powered weapons and gear.

  1. Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana, like all other cities included on this list, have crime problems. Its proximity to a major U.S. city is important for Transnational Criminal Organizations, narco-traffickers, and the like. As a result, violence continues to be part of everyday life in Tijuana.

  1. Natal, Brazil

Homicide rate in Natal had a whopping increase of 232% between 2005 and 2015. In fact, according to the Institute of Applied Economic Research, 1,558 people were murdered in the first eight months only in 2017. Around 102.56 homicides have been recorded to happen per 100,000 residents.

  1. Acapulco, Mexico

The city of Acapulco used to be a tourist magnet because of its famous beaches, hotels, and local parties. The city used to have tons to brag about to attract tourists. Today however, it is renowned as one of the cities in this list. Around 106.63 homicides are committed per 100,00 residents in this part of the world.

  1. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas of Venezuela seems to be vying for the top number on this list, as the only difference is that its homicide rates aren’t that small. With 111.9 homicides that occur per 100,000 residents , it would seem as a norm that the city of Caracas suffers from gang wars, political and economic unrest, and violence for the past year. Gangs would often spar over turfs or challenge anyone who questions their right to operate there.

  1. Los Cabos, Mexico

Once a tourist’s paradise, Los Cabos is the world’s most violent city today. While the Mexico’s crime rate as a whole rose by 18.91% in 2017, Los Cabos increased to almost a 500%. From a recorder number of 61 murders in 2016 to 365 in last year, making it included instantly in the world’s most dangerous cities.

Travelling is a breath of fresh air. It reconnects you with other culture. It also makes you understand the diversity of our world. However, people should not compromise their safety. Some of these cities used to be deemed safe and were not even close to being included in this worrisome list, which is the perfect example of changes happening in just a snap. That’s why, when travelling, don’t think twice when it’s about your safety and security.

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