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Things To Keep In Mind When Travelling To The Middle East

For those who are yet to visit, the Middle East may seem like a dangerous and chaotic place. It is expected as different stories about the region’s struggles are spread without thinking of its implication to its tourism.

Despite this setback, the Middle East continues to be one of the hottest destinations this 2018. In fact, the number of tourist visits is expected to make a steady climb in the upcoming years. It’s no surprise that there is a tourism boom on the transcontinental region since there are numerous beautiful places and attractions to see.

The same yet different

Although the region consists of several countries, all are culturally defined by Islam and most are ruled under Islamic law. This, however, does not mean that all of them are the same. Each country is unique and has its own history, customs, language, and the like. Thus, it is important to learn and be aware of their differences.

Other norms to follow

Research on their ways of living to make sure that you’ll be prim and proper during your stay. For example, eating in public during Ramadan is seen as disrespectful to the local’s religion and their state. Another example is when being offered coffee at a store, it is considered rude to refuse as it is seen as rejecting their hospitality. You can easily avoid situations like these if you broaden your research or ask friends who are knowledgeable about the region.

The dress code

Most Middle Eastern countries require them to dress conservatively like in Saudi Arabia. Majority of the women wear a robe-like dress called an abaya and a head covering called a hijab. The face does not need to be covered, however, this doesn’t stop authorities policing women exposing for what they consider as too much skin. Putting this in mind, strutting in a dress with a plunging neckline would certainly have consequences.

Don’t fret though. There are countries like Turkey and Oman that are not as strict. That’s why, anyone planning to visit should research on what women should wear when strolling around.

Interaction with the opposite sex

All interaction between unrelated opposite sex should be limited. This should be observed especially when in public. There is such a thing as unlawful mixing in this part of the world. In fact, most establishments have separate entrances for male and females. If found out that a man and woman who are unrelated to each other spent time together, criminal charges may be filed against them. Sadly, women get the harsher punishment.

Haggling is usually expected

When in bazaars or marketplaces, don’t think twice about haggling for a better price. It is a norm in many Middle Eastern stores and sellers often expect people bartering.  Surprisingly, you can haggle even cab fares.

Secure yourself

The best way to get ready is to avail a comprehensive travel insurance in the Philippines with Malayan Insurance. It covers and safeguards you from unexpected incidents. At the same time, it secures your finances by shouldering whopping costs of medical emergencies during your stay.

The Middle East is such a beautiful region that has so much to offer. Several unique countries make up this transcontinental destination. It may often be misconstrued due to news presented online or through media but give it a shot and you’ll be amazed by its beauty.