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Things To Check Before Having Your Car Towed

There are instances when you may find yourself stuck on the road and in need of a tow truck service. Fret not as It’s not something you should deeply worry about. Instead, take it as a learning experience should it be an incident you’re not prepared for. This is a situation wherein owning a car insurance policy in the Philippines and preparing for your trip can greatly benefit you.

These preparations, of course, also includes the moment you’re having it towed. Here are things to keep in mind:

Keep your personal belongings

Gather all of your personal items and remove them from your car. Secure it and don’t leave it inside the vehicle. More often than not, towing companies aren’t liable for any lost or damaged items during their transport service.

Remember your emergency brake

Depending on the type of tow truck that will be sent to you, ensure that your emergency brake is right where it’s needed to be. To be certain, don’t be shy to ask the towing professional assigned to you.

Close the windows

It’s not advisable to leave the windows down during its transport to the agreed destination. Leaving it wide open can result in your car being exposed to dirt, dust, or any debris it may encounter during its travel. You don’t want additional damage than what you already have.

Take pictures of your vehicle

Be keen to check up on your car. While you’re at it, take pictures as proof of its state before being towed. This way, should any damage happen during transport, you may immediately have it addressed by the towing company.

It’s obvious that having a car is a huge responsibility. It’s a personal investment, which requires regular maintenance and extra attention. Being careless of its needed upkeep may result in bigger expenses. For your financial protection, inquire with your trusted insurance company in the Philippines and have it quoted today.