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The Benefits of Vehicle Maintenance

The cars we own are a huge investment. We use it every day to get around and go to work. Basically, it takes care of us—so it only makes sense that we take care of it too.

Maintaining our cars mirrors our checkups at the hospital just to see if we’re doing alright. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance would never do you harm but ignoring it will do just that.

Here are the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance:


When you commit to consistent vehicle maintenance, you make sure that your car is safe to drive. Things like oil changes may seem small, but you need to know that this keeps your engine running smoothly. Everything else also applies. Your brakes, air pressure, and filters all need attention.

Vehicle maintenance keeps your car running at great performance. If you maintain it religiously, you’ll find things to be happy about like better tire traction, stable steering, and a reliable engine. While age could be a factor in how your car runs, the least you could do is keep it healthy.


If you don’t take care of your car, you will be a victim of the following:

  • Higher fuel costs. Skipping vehicle maintenance could lead to a huge difference in how your gas mileage drops. Basically, it means you have to fill up your tank more often. This wastes time and money that could add up over time, so clean your fuel system and unclog your air filters.
  • Running worn tires. Driving with tires with little-to-no treading is a safety hazard for you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road. It affects brake response, tire traction, and susceptibility to tire punctures. 

Worn tires and sudden blowouts lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles easily. If left unattended, these tires could lead to you colliding with another driver, pedestrian, or property. Unless you have a good car insurance policy that covers third-party liability, this is a huge risk.

  • Driving with low coolant. Car engines naturally create heat and rely on engine coolant to stay at an optimal temperature for use. Driving with low coolant could either overheat your engine, blow a head gasket, and turn off your car altogether.

Maintaining car value

There is a huge difference between a neglected and a well-maintained vehicle. If you plan on selling your car in a few years, keep up with your vehicle maintenance. A good deal could come unexpectedly, so it’s in your best interest to get as much from your trade-in as possible.

A well-kept maintenance record reflects how you’ve taken care of your car as potential buyers take a look. Bottom line, you’ll get more money from selling your car if you keep taking care of it. After all, would you want to invest in a vehicle that doesn’t perform well?

Consider the aid of insurance companies in the Philippines

That wraps up the benefits of keeping up with vehicle maintenance. However, a common question people may ask is ‘What if I can’t keep up with my maintenance schedule?’ 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. With Automaster, car owners are given a thoughtful coverage policy with solutions to most problems said above. Automaster also provides car owners with over 160 accredited repair shops all over the country to make sure your vehicle is kept up to date.

As an established insurance company in the Philippines, Malayan Insurance offers Automaster and other coverage policies that provide well-rounded financial protection. Just like your car itself, getting car insurance is a worthwhile investment.