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Safe Countries To Consider For Future Travels

Many are keeping the dream alive that soon, we will get to travel around the world again. But for now, we should use our time to stay safe, save money, and acquire travel insurance in the Philippines as adequate preparations.  However, many cannot help but notice how some countries are just doing better than others. […]


What You Need To Know About Living The Van Life

The saying, “you can’t drive a house but you can live in a car” is a testament to how useful your vehicle is. Because of this, many get car insurance in the Philippines early on to protect this asset from future mishaps. But, have you ever dreamed of living in a vehicle? Several people have […]

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5 Ideas To Deliver The Best Business Pitch To Investors

If you find potential investors on your new business venture despite the pandemic, congratulations! You’re already a couple of steps closer to success. Now that you’ve caught their interest, the real work has just begun. You need to put everything in place as soon as possible.  Time is gold in the world of business. You […]