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Some Things To Expect When Traveling To Japan

If you’re looking to travel to Japan, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. Don’t forget to get a travel insurance from a trusted Philippines insurance company.

Thinking of traveling somewhere in Asia? Try Japan out! The land of the rising sun is best known for its tranquil sights, delicious cuisine, and pop culture media. How you’ll be able to enjoy your visit there depends on what you’re looking for in a trip

Chances are, you’ve already decided long ago what to do, and you’ve already started shopping for gear and signing up for travel insurance from a top insurance company in the Philippines! But it’s important to note that Japan has some surprises that can irk certain visitors

If you’re looking to travel to Japan, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

It’s a little more expensive than South Korea

Don’t get us wrong; both places are pricey to stay in, but Japan is mostly more expensive in terms of accommodations. The country knows they’re hot in the tourism market, and they aim to please with the best quality rooms they can provide! 

For the cheapest room in Tokyo, expect a price range between P1,000 – P4,000 per night, depending on your needs. Rooms beyond P8,000 are either luxury suites or are located in popular areas. You can also expect similar prices when visiting Japan’s provinces.

If you’re traveling to Japan, make sure you bring more than enough to last your trip.

There may be a bit of a language barrier

If you’ve heard from a previous visitor that they had a tough time in Japan many years ago because of the language barrier, then today won’t be any different. 

According to research done in 2020, only 30% of Japan can speak and understand English. Many of these bilinguals can be found within the tourism industry, but not all tourist destinations like hotels and landmarks have employees who can converse in English fluently. If you’re going to Japan as a first-timer, it’s highly suggested that you go with a tour guide or a local bilingual that you know. 

Research is crucial for a stress-free trip

It’s essential to do your research on where you plan to go. Even if you’re somewhat versed in Japanese customs or its locations through its media, you should learn to tame your expectations to avoid getting lost or offending someone accidentally. Take the time to study your destination.  

Japan is a beautiful place to visit with lots of picturesque scenes that will surely be memorable for you and whoever else you bring! Just be sure to prepare yourself for the journey to freely enjoy everything the country has to offer you before you return home!