Fire Safety Lessons From The Worst PH Fires

Read some of our best takeaways from the worst Philippine fires. Secure fire insurance in the Philippines today!

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Our history should remind us to make more informed decisions in the present. Fire disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. That is why we should all know by now how to prevent the worst before it’s too late.

Tragic stories of the past provide clear examples of what we could have done better. They teach us that proper planning should be prioritized for everyone’s safety. Alongside getting fire insurance in the Philippines, here are the best lessons to take from the worst Philippine fires:

Establishments need more reliable exits

Many cannot forget about the Ozone Disco tragedy in 1996. Due to a stampede and the lack of emergency exits, the lives of 162 people were claimed by a horrible fire. It is reported that in order to get out, the doors had to be pulled, not pushed. However, panic took over the patrons of the club, which led them to get stuck inside and be burned alive. 

Stricter fire safety inspection is needed

The Manor Hotel blaze in 2001 proves that reliable fire safety inspections are indispensable for any establishment. Previously, the hotel owners claimed to have passed these checkups. But after the fire took 75 lives, tons of problematic issues were dug up. This includes a lack of fire escapes, water sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and emergency lights. Their initial safety claim then looked very questionable.

Fire safety education is important

The 2015 Valenzuela Kentex Factory disaster is said to be the worst factory fire in the country. This lasted for 7 hours and claimed 74 lives, with only 7 remaining survivors. One of the biggest problems is the workers were unaware of their fire safety standards. The factory failed to conduct fire drills, install fire equipment, and even provide adequate compensation for its workers.

Ultimately, we can see how establishments have failed their employees and customers in terms of fire safety. Let us be more aware and educated by these mistakes to protect our future. Reach out to your trusted insurance companies in the Philippines for added financial security today.