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Safe Countries To Consider For Future Travels

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Many are keeping the dream alive that soon, we will get to travel around the world again. But for now, we should use our time to stay safe, save money, and acquire travel insurance in the Philippines as adequate preparations. 

However, many cannot help but notice how some countries are just doing better than others. What are they doing right or different? Perhaps, it is time to get inspiration from them and step up our game. Here are some promising and relatively safe countries today:


Switzerland further eased its COVID-19 measures on May 31, 2021. Restaurants can now open their indoor and outdoor areas, work from home is just a recommendation, and public events can be held with larger numbers. 

While there are fluctuations in cases, the Swiss are doing it right by setting an ambitious vaccination target. They want to inoculate 6 million people or 70% of the population by summer or have at least 70,000 vaccine shots done per day. By doing so, they are expediting their chances for herd immunity. 


There are big lessons to learn from a small country like Denmark. With a population of only 5.8 million, Denmark is one of the first European countries to partially re-open its society in mid-April of 2020. 

To reach this point, the Danes’ pandemic response is described as “acting fast and acting with force”. Aside from their drastic approach in closing their borders, their healthcare system is also very equitable and free. Citizens have equal access to treatment, diagnosis, and choice of a hospital under their health insurance.

New Zealand

Many see New Zealand on the news regularly as a role model for COVID-19 success. But among their widespread testing, swift contact tracing, and intensive hygiene promotion, which one is their best tactic?

Their greatest success is arguably their elimination strategy. Many countries’ typical mitigation idea is increasing their pandemic response as the crisis progresses. But, the New Zealanders have done this in reverse. They have a strong focus on border control, imposing strong measures right at the very beginning. Implemented correctly, this strategy could also have caused fewer illnesses and deaths for other countries.

All in all, having a firm vaccination plan, reliable health care, and decisive leaders are high-contributing factors for survival. Hopefully, we can also learn from these success stories and improve our lives soon. Today, the best we can do is to consistently take precautions, while looking into reputable insurance companies in the Philippines for support.