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Revenge Spending and Tourism in the Philippines

Revenge spending! Because everyone wants to feel free and the best way to do that is through a tourism spree!

Are you wondering what happens when someone gets cabin fever?

They get this inexplicable urge to do everything in their power to get away from the cabin. The farther, the better, especially if the destination’s a place that doesn’t remind them of home.

This is what many people have been experiencing since 2021. With restrictions mellowing, new opportunities have popped up for companies, and everyone’s getting jobs again. Everyone is in a state of needing to explore the great outdoors. Revenge spending has become the norm, with people going all the way with their savings.

What this means for PH Tourism

If the 2022 elections do not bring any long-term quarantine restrictions back, it’s an excellent time for the Philippine tourism industry. The leisure and entertainment sectors are also getting back in action now that many Filipinos are more comfortable going out. 

In fact, in the air travel sector, it’s been reported that there was a considerable spike in seat reservations for January 2022, with top destinations being popular vacation destinations like Cebu, Puerto Princesa, and Tacloban. 

Travel insurance in the Philippines has also peaked in popularity with travelers recently, especially those looking to explore tourist locations stress-free. Insurance companies in the Philippines are enjoying the return of the tourism sector just as much as everyone else.

Is there anything terrible about revenge spending?

Emotional urges drive revenge spending. It isn’t bad, however, some people may spend all their disposable income in one go. Ideally, these people should control their urge to splurge so they can travel. There’s also the possibility of overzealous spenders getting trapped in travel scams and fake travel agencies. 

Remember, it pays to be cautious when planning your future trips. Stay safe during your travels so you can go ahead and enjoy the well-deserved freedom from pandemic quarantines.