Recreating Your Best Travel Trips At Home

Celebrate a happy holiday this year by recreating your fondest travel memories at home with these creative tips.


Travelling for vacation used to be one of the best ways we celebrate the holidays. This is when for a moment, we take a break from our usual responsibilities and take in other refreshing experiences. But because of this year’s events, cancelling our trips and making use of our travel health insurance in the Philippines becomes inevitable. However, it is still possible to have a fulfilling celebration this year with our loved ones. We just need to be creative and resourceful.

To give you some ideas, here are ways you can recreate yourl. best travel trips at home:

Travel through food

Travel around the world by eating! Use your free time to try new recipes at home. From samgyeopsal to pad thai, you can learn to recreate your favorite meals and treats on your own. 

For authenticity, look up and purchase some international ingredients to improve your dish. But if you are leaning towards local cuisine, you can also explore cooking traditional Filipino food like Bulalo or Bicol Express

Plan a movie day or night

Recreate your own fun cinema experience. Research various local and foreign films that would interest everyone at home, and compile these to a binge-watch session. Streaming platforms or renting out movies are your best options. 

The best thing about this activity is that you can watch anytime you want. Aside from entertainment and relaxation, watching movies encourages emotional release. This social experience can help everyone reflect through life lessons his year, and bring about a closer relationship with each other during the holidays.

Plan a photoshoot

Planning a photoshoot is a fun motivation to redecorate your rooms. Get inspired from other people happily recreating their travel photos, by improvising different backgrounds and props at home. 

In addition, you can recreate your dream vacations by looking up interior design ideas inspired by travel, food, music, and other activities. Dress up and include your pets in the fun too. This is a way to get more creative with your family photos and have an entry for great memories this year.

By remembering the real essence of the holidays, we could appreciate our time with our loved ones even while staying at home. Eventually, we would be able to travel safely again with secure travel insurance in the Philippines.