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Protect Your Family With Malayan’s Vital Cover

Adjusting to the pandemic has been a struggle. We’ve endured significant changes in what we’re now used to as the ‘new normal’. However, the Philippines is making improvements towards quarantine restrictions. People can go out more often, which is a good thing.

Even with these changes, don’t lower your guard. The pandemic is still a threat for you and your family. You have to plan and prepare if ever the virus infects you or people in your home.

Protect yourself and your family today with Malayan Insurance. We offer a vital cover policy that focuses on protecting individuals and their beneficiaries from expenses incurred by COVID-19 related incidents. 

As an established insurance company in the Philippines, we focus on our customers’ needs by developing thoughtful policies that keep you from spending more than you should. Here’s why getting this policy benefits you considerably:

Vital cover policy health-related benefits

Malayan’s vital cover policy makes sure you’re well-prepared for anything that the pandemic has to offer. 

The following are policy benefits for damages inflicted by COVID-19:

  • Loss of Life Cash Assistance (LLCA)
  • Daily Hospital Income Benefit

This policy also comes with non-COVID related benefits such as:

  • LLCA (for Dengue and Chikungunya)
  • Accidental Death Coverage
  • Medical Reimbursement (for accidental injuries)

The vital cover policy also provides individuals unlimited access to free medical teleconsultations courtesy of Malayan Insurance’s MediMate 24/7.

The benefits of having MediMate 24/7

Upon getting yourself a vital cover policy, MediMate 24/7 will provide the following:

  • Primary Care Consultation – 24/7 unlimited access to free General Doctor’s Consultation
  • Specialty Care Consultation – 24/7 unlimited access to up to six (6) Specialty Doctors’ Consultation
  • Ground and Paramedic Ambulance – Unlimited ambulance referrals in case of emergencies
  • COVID-19 Assistance – Unlimited referrals to COVID-19 related services (e.g., RT PCR swab tests)
  • Preventive Care Services – Unlimited referrals to flu and HPV vaccination clinics
  • Healthcare Management Sessions – Consultation of the treatment plan and health management with licensed physicians

Various coverage lengths

With our help, you can protect beneficiaries that range from a year-old baby to a 64-year-old relative. You also have the option to cover your relatives from the ages 65-75 with this link.

As a leading insurance company, we try our best to cater to everyone’s needs. Our coverage plans are flexible and can vary from short-term to long-term commitments. Plans A, B, and C protect customers for over a year. Plans D and E are viable options for short-term periods (6 months) and semi-annual payments.

At Malayan Insurance, we’re here to help you protect your family from any if not all COVID-19 related endeavors.