Pros And Cons Of Having A Keyless Car

Considering buying a keyless car now or in the future? Weigh out its pros and cons to decide if this is best for you.


Technology is constantly being molded by man’s creativity and innovation to make our transportation a whole lot easier. For this reason, many car enthusiasts are always keen to be introduced to newer car models and designs. This includes considering a vehicle with keyless push ignition and operations now or in the future. 

Along with getting the best car insurance in the Philippines, check out the pros and cons of having a keyless car for a more seamless experience on the road:


Sophistication of design mainly drives prospective buyers to look into buying a keyless vehicle. These are some of its main benefits:

  • Convenience at a touch

With the use of electronic key fobs and a push start ignition, it would be quicker for the car owner to enter their vehicle. Automatic locks and panic buttons could also be expected for upgraded security.

  • Less gear repairs

Having less moving parts is also one of the key advantages here. Less gear repairs could be needed, since there are more wireless systems designed to minimize regular parts being worn out over time.

  • Less susceptible to common theft 

It would be difficult for regular thieves to pick the key lock. But if they insist on doing so, they would need more time to accomplish it, as this smart technology demands a more complex maneuver than most cars. 


But like any other device, prospects should also look into the potential disadvantages of owning a keyless car:

  • More expensive

Cars built with more special and higher-tech features overall would be ultimately more expensive. Also, even if the battery for most key fobs can typically last around 3 to 4 years, replacing them might still be heavy on the pocket.

  • Engine runs longer

Not all keyless car models have an incorporated safety feature that automatically turns off your engine when left idle. This may cause you to run out of gas if you forget to turn it off yourself when you leave your car.

  • Vulnerable to skilled hackers

As more innovative people try to come up with more efficient cars, more devious hackers also multiply in number. With carefully devised reprogramming schemes from these criminal minds, it is still not impossible to have your car system compromised.

Making your call

You must carefully decide if the pros of buying a keyless car will outweigh its cons. Think of the extent of its convenience, efficiency, and overall peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. Lastly, don’t forget to prepare with comprehensive car insurance in the Philippines to make the most of your on-the-road experience.