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Pros and Cons of Buying an Unfurnished Condo


It’s great to own a condo, especially if you bagged one with a view at a reasonable price. But usually, buyers would only find affordable condos that are entirely unfurnished. This means there are no lights, no water, no furniture, and unfinished walls. 

On the one hand, more artistic owners would see this as an opportunity to team up with a contractor to create the condo of their dreams. On the other hand, the buyer cannot technically live in their new home for months to come. There is also the hassle of having to shoulder the renovation cost, which would probably be as or more expensive than the amount they saved on buying the unfurnished condo.

It is a matter of perspective. But as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and furnishing your personal space will require time and effort. If you are still on the fence, feel free to read below the pros and cons of investing in a condo.



It’s like building your own dream home, except smaller and more compact. As mentioned before, open-minded owners will have the opportunity to design their space however they see fit. It would be great for families and those who work from home, especially if their line of work would benefit from owners dictating their rooms’ size and accessibility features.


Unfurnished condos are cheaper than fully furnished ones. It is, however, perfect for DIY home improvement hobbyists who have no problem paying for just the bare essentials. The rest, they can do it themselves.

An added bonus is that they can also use the money they save on other important matters like condo insurance in the Philippines. After all, nothing feels worse than losing a home from fires and other related accidents.

Rental market

An unfinished condo is the best option to make it into a business. Get a contractor to get the essentials up and running, add in some tables and chairs, and voila! Ready for the Philippine rental business in less than two months. Get the place insured before you let people live in it.


Building policies

While personalization is a welcome bonus to buying an unfurnished condo, you still need to have your designs and plans approved by the building owner(s). Policies vary for different buildings, but the most common restriction is that your designs cannot extend to the exteriors of your condo. 

Not for everyone

If you plan to purchase a condo and you don’t see yourself staying there for a long time, then maybe buying it unfurnished may not be the best option. It makes for an excellent side investment in the long run, but it is far more valuable if it’s ready for you or anyone else to live in. 


In short, it’s money vs time investment. If you don’t mind renovations, by all means, go for an unfurnished condo. Get some design ideas off the internet to get you really hyped for it, because once the contractors are done with the refurbishing and you’ve availed a condo insurance for the place, you’ll have a harder time adding in last-minute revision requests.