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Preparing Your Car For Resale Checklist

Planning to sell your car? Use this checklist as your guide for a more organized and efficient resale experience.


The decisions we make involving our vehicles often require adequate preparation. Buying our first car, planning for long trips, or getting car insurance in the Philippines are things we take seriously. As the pandemic brought us more financial constraints than ever, another decision you may consider is selling your car. This is a good way to keep yourself afloat, and prioritize more pressing concerns at the moment. But how can you be more organized and efficient in doing so?

To guide you, diligently accomplish this checklist to prepare your car for resale:

Make sure your car is in good condition

Bring your car to a repair shop and get its dents, scratches, and leaks fixed. The tiniest of damages can lessen the car’s value to its prospective buyer, so do not take any chances. Paying somewhat more for repairs now can greatly benefit your asking price later. You may want to look into car detailing as well for thorough cleaning and restoring your vehicle’s finish. This would improve the aesthetics and overall condition of your car, making it look polished like new.

Research about your resale price

The estimate of your car’s resale price would depend on several factors like its specific model, year, drivetrain, engine, and general condition. Compare prices with cars of the same model through online research and by consulting trusted local car dealers. The car’s age, tale of mileage, and previous damages would also play a factor here.

Prepare and organize needed documents

Completing all the paperwork needed for resale may not sound the most exciting matter, but accomplishing them is a must. This includes the original Certificate of Registration, official receipt, original LTO plate number, PNP-MPG clearance, Absolute Deed of Sale, Transfer of Title, insurance endorsement, maintenance records, and other supporting papers as required. Have these documents ready prior to selling to help speed up the process.

Set up your car for a photoshoot

Take photos from every angle of your car to show all its important parts. Get into the mind of the buyer and make good guesses how they would want to gauge your vehicle. For example, they would probably want to see your car with its hood and doors open and closed respectively. They would also want to zoom in on the current condition of your vehicle’s tires, seats, modifications, and the like.

Remain cooperative and double-check everything

After making a good impression of your car, remain cooperative with your prospect all throughout their purchase. Entertain their questions and concerns, as honestly and as helpful as you can. However, be mindful and release your car only when the payment is properly accounted for. Discuss warranty issues and other matters extensively early on, to avoid future conflicts. 

Selling your car is not easy but it can be managed. Prepare in advance to make the most of your sale, just like looking into a car insurance policy in the Philippines beforehand to make the most of your car usage.