Business Management Tips

Management Tips for Small Businesses

The coronavirus pandemic has affected livelihoods worldwide. While some small businesses have managed to adapt to the changing times, others are struggling to get by. Public interest has changed dramatically in recent months, with many coming to adopt simpler lifestyles due to financial stress. As such, companies are adjusting to this change accordingly, both in appealing to the new standard and changing the way their businesses operate.

Despite the numerous restrictions brought about by COVID-19, it is still viable to maintain a business in this unsettling state of affairs. However, owners must take everything into account and leave nothing to chance if they want to stay relevant. It is far too easy for a venture to fail in these uncertain times, so the best advice to take right now is to prepare for the worst and take the necessary precautions for your current business. 

Team Management

Team management at present is akin to exploring a minefield, where a wrong decision can lead to disastrous results.  As a business owner and a team leader, you need to set realistic, but optimistic expectations for your people. This is crucial in maintaining efficiency and relations within your company. Modern problems such as internet connectivity and home-related issues may affect their effectiveness if they are expected to work in the same expected capacity as everyone else. Learn what you can, improvise if you must. But the most important aspect you must remember is that distrust among peers can lead to unforeseen liabilities. 


Providing sanitizers, N95 masks, and related health benefits are important in keeping morale up between you and your team. It is also doubly important if your business cannot use the work-from-home model, or if the workers cannot go home for reasons related to commute. 

Online Communication

Messaging apps are a godsend for small businesses. They keep businesses afloat because of how important they have become under the New Normal. Most messaging apps function similarly to one another, and most of them are free and viable for medium scale operations.

Social Media

Keep your business afloat by keeping yourself in the loop with the latest trends and news reports concerning COVID-19. Many have come to adopt social media marketing strategies as a way to cement their relevance for the remainder of 2020. Foods and delivery businesses that are operating in the Philippines are good examples of this. They use social media to create innovative advertisements and find new ways to connect with their core audiences.

Financial Security

Dealing with business-related security and legal matters amid an ongoing economic crisis is a dreadful scenario that no one wants to be in. Investing in property insurance in the Philippines is recommended for business owners, as financial burdens can come in many forms, be it accidents or lawsuits. For the sake of playing it safe, it’s best to have a company that can back you up in the event of financial turmoil.

Managing a small business in this socio-economic climate is tough. But it is far better to conform to the needs of today than to wait out the storm. Be optimistic, but at the same time, be human. Empathy is important in creating valuable relationships with your team, as well as with clients and business partners.