Malayan's Vital Cover

Malayan’s Vital Cover: Your Safeguard Against the Pandemic

Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for everyone worldwide. Adapting was no easy feat, but we are moving forward. As we’ve transitioned from pre-pandemic living to the new normal, improvements towards health restrictions and guidelines are being made.

However, be wary of the virus as a possible threat. If you or a family member contracts the virus, you must be prepared for it. At Malayan Insurance, we offer a vital cover policy to protect you and your beneficiaries against expenses incurred from COVID-19 related incidents.

Here is why getting our vital cover will be your safeguard against the pandemic:

Healthcare benefits

Malayan’s vital cover is a well-rounded policy that provides beneficiaries with the following: 

Benefits for damages inflicted by COVID-19:

  • Loss of Life Cash Assistance (LLCA)
  • Daily Hospital Income Benefit

Vital cover also comes with non-COVID related benefits such as:

  • LLCA (for Dengue and Chikungunya)
  • Accidental Death Coverage
  • Medical Reimbursement (for accidental injuries)

The vital cover policy also provides beneficiaries with unlimited access to free medical teleconsultations from Malayan Insurance’s MediMate 24/7.

What is MediMate?

Upon getting yourself a vital cover policy, MediMate 24/7 will provide the following:

  • Primary Care Consultation – 24/7 unlimited access to free General Doctor’s Consultation
  • Specialty Care Consultation – 24/7 unlimited access to up to six (6) Specialty Doctors’ Consultation
  • Ground and Paramedic Ambulance – Unlimited ambulance referrals in case of emergencies
  • COVID-19 Assistance – Unlimited referrals to COVID-19 related services (e.g., RT PCR swab tests)
  • Preventive Care Services – Unlimited referrals to flu and HPV vaccination clinics
  • Healthcare Management Sessions – Consultation of the treatment plan and health management with licensed physicians

A range of coverage plans

Protect beneficiaries from a newborn baby to an old relative up to 64 years of age. You may also cover for your loved ones with ages 65 to 75.

As an established insurance company in the Philippines, we try our best to provide for everyone in need. Our coverage plans have variety, ranging from annual to semi-annual commitments. 

Plans A, B, and C can cover beneficiaries for over a year. At the same time, Plans D and E are viable options for a shorter period of 6 months and flexible semi-annual payments.

At Malayan Insurance, we’re here to give you the safeguard you and your family needs from any COVID-19 related concerns.