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Left-Handed Drivers VS. Right-Handed Drivers

The Philippines, much like the majority of the world, is a left-hand driving country. This means that the steering wheel is located on the left side of the car, and that vehicles are expected to stay on the right side of the road (from the driver’s perspective). Because of this, knowing if it’s easier to be a left-handed driver or right-handed driver in the Philippines may be a key interest among newbies. It’s understandable because a majority of people are right-handed – theories as to why have even been published. If being a leftie is truly beneficial with our country’s driving orientation, then a lot of people will be having a hard time in learning how to drive. The opposite could also be a cause for concern among left-handed people.

Let’s take a look at how lefties and righties fare when it comes to driving.

Left-handed drivers

An article by stated that most people found steering to require more control than handling the gears. Hence, the dominant hand should be the one to navigate the steering wheel. This means that the current driving set-up in our country favors lefties more as we typically use our left hand to steer.

A separate study conducted in America, however, says that because the gear shift is on the right side, cars in countries that drive on the right are more catered to righties. Despite this, the study does add that lefties are still better drivers as they are more careful and are forced to adjust in a right-handed world, therefore causing less accidents and mishaps.

Right-handed drivers

As mentioned earlier, opinions vary on whether the dominant hand should be on the wheel or on the gear shift. Regardless of this, the same study in America found that right-handed drivers tend to be less aware and more lax when it comes to driving. This comes as a result of being in a mostly right-handed world, which means that they’re less inclined to be extra careful during driving.

There are, however, several studies that indicate that the more right-oriented world is actually a reason why lefties are more prone to accidents, and while right-handed drivers are relatively safer.

What we can take from the discussions above is that there are conflicting studies and theories as to who is the better driver, who is safer, etc. That’s why it’s important to always be on the lookout for any danger and to be more vigilant when it comes to driving regardless of which hand is your dominant one. It also helps to have the best car insurance available in the Philippines to make sure that whatever accidents happen, you’re prepared and covered by a trusted policy.