Is It Safe To Travel To Australia?

With the recent Australian fire incidents, some travelers are worried or discouraged to visit the land down under. With all the coverage it has been receiving in the media, it’s understandable that some would have second thoughts on pushing through with their travel plans.

Last January 3, government agency Tourism Australia squashed tourist worries by releasing a statement about the many areas unaffected. Despite the news, most of the country’s tourism businesses remain open to serve visitors. While the organisation expressed their concern for the disaster’s effect on the country’s tourism, they called for support in the affected sectors. This is, of course, to keep its tourism industry strong and safe.

While the devastation is far from over, in January 19, Tourism Australia’s Managing Director Phillipa Harrison urged Australians as well other travellers to help fire-affected communities thrive again. Apart from this, Harrison has announced their initiative to boost tourism by creating irresistible packages for the days to come.

If still unsure, there are many ways you can support the country. Here’s how:

Rebook your flight

Still worried about how your visit will go? Instead of cancelling, reschedule your flight. Sure, there are regions directly affected by the fire, but this doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever.

Stay updated

It pays to be informed. Whether it’s prior your flight or after landing, don’t forget to check the status of the place you’re flying to.

Visit other destinations

Australia has numerous unaffected regions which you can go visit. You may support these areas instead of ditching your travel plans entirely. After all, the country has so much scenic views to offer.

Insure to be sure

Apart from what we’ve mentioned above, be sure to avail a trusted travel insurance in the Philippines. With this comprehensive travel insurance, you can push through with your plans with no worries.