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How To Soundproof Your Condo

Learn some tips in soundproofing your condominium unit to have more productive days for your work and personal affairs.


Taking care of your condo is one of the best investments you could do for yourself. Because of this, it is an advantage to acquire condo insurance in the Philippines early on for extra convenience and security. 

And as you spend more time at your unit, you might appreciate how pleasant it is to have a peaceful, uninterrupted space. After all, it is challenging to concentrate on your work or personal affairs when your surroundings are filled with distractions like unwanted noise.

To have more productive days, start soundproofing your condo unit today with this guide:

Soundproof foam vs. acoustic panels

Before you start soundproofing your condo, you must first differentiate between using soundproof foam and acoustic panels. Soundproof foams are used to reduce soundwaves or noise from transferring from one room to another. 

On the other hand, acoustic panels help improve the sound quality in a room by reducing residual sounds. From knowing this, you can now properly decide which one of two you would like to install around your unit.

Seal or block openings

You might know what it’s like hearing noisy children, dogs, vehicles, and the like in a typical neighborhood setting. This can be similar to living in a condo, except the sounds are coming from people or things that are in greater proximity. 

Consequently, windows and doors are likely the main pathways of sound into your living area. To prevent loud noises from bleeding into your space, secure your main door with an adjustable seal and place draft stoppers below each of your doors inside. You can also add window inserts and blackout curtains at other openings to muffle outside noise.

Add more furniture or decor

Supplementary efforts like getting more furniture or decor could aid in your soundproofing as well. Strategically place your items in front of gaps or crevices that you may find. This way, the sounds would bounce off from these hard objects first. Finally, pick out some thick rugs over your bare, hardwood floors to dampen excess noise if you are on a higher level.

Overall, the best way to fully block out all the noise would be through a remodeling project. Still, these steps mentioned should be effective to a certain extent. Top off your efforts with home insurance in the Philippines including a special condo policy for the most peaceful life at home today.