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How To Keep Your Car Safe From COVID-19

Ensure that your vehicle is risk-free from COVID-19 with these tips! Get the best car insurance today for added protection.


The fear of COVID-19 is still an ongoing dilemma in our lives. Part of the new normal is for us to make increasing decisions to keep everyone as safe as possible. We have accepted that staying at home is crucial, and we aim to safeguard our homes and belongings. 

But as we still need to go places at times, we shouldn’t neglect to care for our vehicles as well. Aside from getting reliable car insurance in the Philippines, what we can do now is to prepare for safer drives. 

To steer clear of more risks, this is how to keep your car safe from COVID-19:

Clean the interiors

Getting a regular car wash is sanitary. But for safety reasons, many car owners generally only get the exteriors cleaned up. Based on a study, a car’s steering wheel could be dirtier than your typical toilet seat. With this in mind, you should sanitize the interiors of your car more. 

Start with the high-touch areas or the components you primarily use. Prioritize the steering wheel, hand brakes, storage compartment, and the like. Keep in mind that your cleaning tools may vary for leather, cloth, and other materials

Wash your hands

No doubt, proper hygiene is still one of the best ways to avoid the disease. While washing hands with soap and water should be done frequently, there are instances where it’s not available. 

As an alternative, passengers should disinfect with alcohol before going inside the car. If using a hand sanitizer, make sure it contains at least 60% alcohol to be effective at killing germs. Touching your eyes, nose, and mouth after making contact with anything in the car or from the outside should be avoided.

Wear masks

According to the World Health Organization, the virus is primarily spread through contact and respiratory droplets. This can happen through sneezing, coughing, or just talking. Because of this, wearing masks even when you’re inside the car is very reasonable. Practice doing so to prevent the risk of airborne transmission. Encourage family or friends to do the same, and make this a habit for everybody’s benefit.

Limit usage

The more you use your car, the more you’re exposing yourself and other passengers to the virus. For now, perhaps you can limit car usage by driving only as a last resort. You can acquire your essentials like food and groceries via online deliveries. In addition, it’s smart to hold personal and professional gatherings in the near future through virtual events and other similar alternatives. 

Along with securing the best car insurance in the Philippines, maintain your car in a pristine condition. With these efforts, you’re certain to keep yourself away from a long road of pain later on.