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How To Improve Your Car’s Gasoline Usage

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The inconsistent fluctuations of COVID-19 cases reiterate the importance of health and safety precautions for everyone. Aside from the impositions of curfews and other means to make people stay in more, many are also encouraged to drive rather than commute if possible to reduce risks of contraction. This makes getting car insurance in the Philippines significant in adding financial security during these times.

But this year, there have been constant price hikes from various oil companies on their fuel products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). These price adjustments reflect dynamic movements in the global market, and we must prepare for any changes that could affect us on the road.

For people who drive more frequently these days, here are some tips to improve your gasoline usage and overall fuel efficiency:

Maintain Your Car’s Health

Many believe it is preferable to have a fuel efficient car, to begin with. However, long-term fuel efficiency can be achieved by careful driving and regular maintenance.

For this, it is recommended to make appointments with your mechanic from time to time. This is because the condition of your engine, tires, air conditioning, and the like can also affect your car’s gasoline consumption.

Drive Smooth and Light

Frequent speeding, braking, rapid acceleration, and other poor driving habits can negatively affect fuel economy from 5% to 33%. To prevent doing these actions, head out earlier to avoid the rush hour and pace yourself well. This would let you drive with smoother gear changes and avoid aggressive driving.

Refrain From Idling

Idling, or the act when a driver leaves the engine running, burns fuel without adding mileage. So if you are in a place where you do not need a running engine, you should just turn it off to save up on gas. Otherwise, you should at least put your transmission on neutral.

Close Your Windows

One of the most straightforward practices for gasoline efficiency is to keep your windows up and your air conditioning off. These would decrease wind resistance or drag, and in turn, would be beneficial for your mileage. But as doing so could impact your comfort and convenience, it is up to you to strike a balance in between.

Overall, early planning and patience would be very beneficial to you as a driver. Have a better experience on the road by improving your gasoline usage and getting the best car insurance in the Philippines today!