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Common Air Travel Fears and How to Get Over them

Scared of boarding an airplane? Don’t be. Find out how you can overcome your air travel fears with this short guide!

It’s not uncommon to hear about people getting cold feet over airplanes and long-distance travel. After all, there have been numerous incidents over the past couple of decades involving airfare accidents with 100% fatality rates. 

Sure, travel insurance in the Philippines can kick some of those stressful scenarios out of your head, but it won’t be able to cure you of your air travel phobia in the long run.

Think of it like this: much like going out of your home, there’s a chance for things to go wrong. And yet, you venture out nonetheless because life is worth living to the fullest. That goes the same with air travel. 

Don’t limit yourself because of your fears. Overcome them and enjoy the opportunities you can find out there in the world!

Don’t stress the application process

This one doesn’t exactly represent a phobia of air travel, but it’s a common excuse for why there are people who don’t travel abroad in the first place. In the old days, it was due to the number of requirements and restrictions with passport and Philippine visa applications— lots of lines to stand in, lots of documents to collect, and so on.

But suppose you’ve been living in a cave for quite some time. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that getting your Philippine travel requirements in order is now easier thanks to appointments and requirement information being readily available on the internet. 

You need a phone with internet, and you’re ready to go! Of course, there will still be lines for these sorts of things. At least now, you can be sure that you have an official appointment spot and that you’re bringing the right documents.

Don’t focus on Murphy’s Law 

Remember, when flying in an airplane, you’re flying with people who regularly board it as part of their jobs. If they’re confident about their weekly journey through the skies, so can you! In fact, it’s probably better if you talk to these attendants so they can assure you personally that you’re flying with the best in the business and that you’re in good hands from start to finish! 

Turbulence is a natural occurrence

Speaking of Murphy’s law, don’t stress the turbulence happening outside of the airplane window. That’s entirely normal, and it’s not a sign of bad things. Airplanes are inspected regularly to ensure they’re up for the task every time they lift off from the airport.

Turbulence is just the air travel equivalent of a car going down a rocky road. Is it bad for the wheels? A little bit, but it’s not entirely avoidable.

Lastly, keep yourself distracted

You can zone out through the trip with any entertainment device. Store some movies on your phone, play games, or bring along something to ease your nerves, like sensory toys or a Rubik’s cube. If all else fails, try to tire your mind and sleep through the journey.