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How To Choose Between High Rise and Mid Rise Condos

In spite of the slowdown on the Philippines’ economic growth, the demand for the residential condominiums is predicted to increase and grow until 2021. With its market mainly coming from young professionals, upstart families, and overseas Filipino workers, apart from carefully assessing the property, a condo insurance is also a must. As this is a huge investment, every single detail must be considered to ensure the purchase is worthy.

The usual factors potential condominium owners think of are its location, developer’s reputation, number of residents, amenities, association dues, and regulations. One brushed off fact, however, is the type of condo building. To help you choose, here’s what makes high-rise condos and mid-rise condos different from one another:

High-rise condos

At the center of everything

High-rise condos are best in its location, making it easy for you and your family to go about your day. More often than not, high-rise condos have exclusive access to malls and other establishments, making your everyday traffic-free and hassle-free.

Luxurious amenities

Believe it or not, there’s some serious competition going on between all high-rise condos. Developers continuously aim to provide a chic and high-end lifestyle for those who choose to invest in them. Amenities are also made to fit the hustle and bustle of city life.

A high-rise view

Of course, a high-rise condo wouldn’t be complete without the alluring sight of the city. Those who adore the city skyline will surely include this benefit on the list.

Mid-rise condos

A quiet life

Eyeing a mid-rise condo? If you want a quieter life for you and your family, then this is the choice for you. Its location is varied than that of high-rise condos as some can be situated away from the city.

Cheaper than a high-rise condo

As location can play a big part on its price as a whole, expect a mid-rise to cost lower than that of a high-rise condo. Still, mid-rises can give you your money’s worth with all the basic amenities provided.

Closer to nature

While it can’t give a view from the top, a mid-rise can give you the fresh air you need with more greeneries. This benefit isn’t something you’ll easily find in high-rise condos.

Now that you know a thing or two about the difference between a high-rise and a mid-rise condo, has it helped you cement your decision? While it could take you longer to review each development’s pros and cons, this can lead to a decision you won’t regret.