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Funny Insurance Claims

A smart traveler or car owner knows that getting insurance is the best way to stay financially capable to cope with any mishap. And if you’ve been in this world long enough, you know that mishaps happen even if you’re well-prepared. Many of these unfortunate things are common like extreme flight delay, baggage loss, injury due to an accident, side swipe, etc. Then there are the really unexpected ones like unruly animals, disastrous weddings and Titanic. Some of these insurance claims stories were covered by their policies but for the others…let’s say they were worth the try.

Fallen Teeth

While on an Alaskan cruise, a man went surveying the ocean view. And it looks like the view was jaw-dropping because he lost his dentures while doing so! He filed a loss of baggage claim with his travel insurance company.

Jack, I’m Flying

A couple, also in a cruise ship lost their camera. Thinking that it was worth something, they filed a loss of baggage claim. The reason for losing the camera? They were trying to replicate the iconic scene in Titanic when Jack & Rose were at the edge of the ship pretending to fly.

For Safekeeping

In Cornwall, England, two children had the smarts to keep their family video camera from getting stolen while they enjoyed themselves by swimming in the sea. Their solution? Burry the camera in the sand. Great idea! Only, they couldn’t remember where exactly they buried it.2

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Three-way Bump

A man accidentally bumped into the car in front of him and broke that car’s taillight (Strike 1!). To give enough room to see the damage, the man backed-up. When he did, he bumped into the front bumper of the car behind him (Strike 2!). Shocked by the double whammy he got himself into, he opened his door to see both damages. Unfortunately, his door hit a cyclist passing through (Strike 3!).

Christmas Surprise

In Indiana, a man’s windshield got smashed when a Christmas tree came swooping in. Apparently, the car in front of him had a freshly cut Christmas tree tied on that car’s roof. Clearly, it wasn’t tied securely because it slid-off that car’s roof and drove into the man’s windshield. The Christmas-tree-carrying-driver knew this and sped off. His insurance covered the damages and he came home with a free Christmas tree.

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Did you know that about 150 people are killed each year by…falling coconuts? In Sri Lanka, a woman was spending her day reading underneath the shade of a coconut tree. Sadly, one of the coconuts decided to leave the tree top and fell on the woman’s head. Good thing she was insured.

Smashing Bikinis

In Athens, Greece, a British tourist needed medical care for a broken nose. He hit his nose on a bus shelter. When asked what happened, he said that he was distracted by women in bikinis and didn’t notice he was about to smash into the shed.2

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Dry Alps

A woman was so excited to ski in the Alps that she bought new skis. She made an attempt to claim for the cost of those skis because she wasn’t able to ski in the Alps. As it turns out, it wasn’t snowing in the Alps when she visited and was disappointed for having spent for her new useless gear. Of course, the claim was denied.

Hot Wedding

Sometimes, the bride’s dream wedding gown isn’t exactly suitable to her dream destination wedding. In a Caribbean wedding, a bride’s dress caught fire on the barbecue. Her new husband threw her into the ocean to put out the fire. I’m sure they were relieved to remember that they decided to insure the wedding, including the dress because who would have known something like this could happen on their supposed “perfect day”.

Paint Job

The car paint’s quality and shade are something that you pay for. So it makes sense for a couple in southern France to file for a claim because of damages to their car paint. It seems that a herd of cows grew fond of their car that they licked the paint off it.

The lesson of the stories: Insure to be Sure! Unexpected things happen and the best way to prepare for them is to get insured – for your travels, your car and especially yourself. Read your policy wordings and know what the benefits are, as well as their conditions and limits. If you find that your needs are not covered or not covered enough in the insurance package, Malayan Insurance agents are always happy to assist you. Just message us on Facebook (@MalayanInsuracePH), email us at ecommerce[at], call us at (632) 628-8628 or check out our list of branches to call or visit the one that’s nearest you.


Written by Kristina Relampagos

Content contributed by Nadia Forte

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