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Finding The Right Car For You

Just when the year was about to start, there was news already about how heavier traffic jams will be in EDSA. A projected number of 400,000 cars were expected to pass through the famous highway daily. It was alarmingly higher from the estimated 357,000 cars the previous year.

Deciding on whether you need to purchase a car in the Philippines is the easy part. Safety and access to efficient public transportation are most of the time a big contributor to the arrival of a decision. More so now when the nasty road and traffic conditions in the country are not expected to ease up soon.

The most difficult part, however, is finding the right car that will fit your needs then your wants. After all, a car is an investment and money doesn’t grow on trees. Research well on reviews of cars you’ve set your eyes on. However, there are the things you need to carefully consider before you really make it as one of your options:

Determine your needs

Determining what you’ll use the car for can help narrow down your options. Remember that apart from car brands, there are also several car body types that can cater to different needs. Awareness of these things are important to arrive at an informed decision.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What will you use the car for?
  • Where will you use it? City or province? Asphalt, cemented, or rough roads?
  • How many passengers do you expect or need to carry?
  • Will you be driving kids?
  • Do you want a car packed with horsepower?
  • How much cargo capacity will you need?
  • Gas or diesel?
  • Do you have a garage or a parking space?

Set a budget

Another question you would have to ask yourself is how much are you willing to shell out? Answering this can help you come up with solid choices. When you have narrowed down your options, don’t be afraid to ask dealers or your car enthusiast friends of the possible pros and cons.

Another way to help you decide is to create a budget plan for the car according to its features. Things like how much will it cost you for maintenance, how easy is it to find car parts, how much will you spend for fuel daily, and the like. Doing this will prepare you on the expenses of owning your car of choice.

You also need to consider if you can pay in full or need to get an auto loan. If the latter is your choice, do find out what will suit you best. Car dealers also offer in-house financing, however, most of them charge a higher interest rate. Make sure to go over your payment options well so that you may stick to your budget.

Test it out

Don’t be afraid to ask for a test-drive on a car that you want. It is to get a feel of how the driving experience would be like. Since you are the one who will be driving, make sure that you will be comfortable. While you’re at the dealership, see to it that you can get a good look on their company’s after sales service. Remember that it will be the kind of customer service you’ll get once they make the sale. If they aren’t treating their existing client well then take that as a red flag and make your way to another dealership.

Don’t forget to get a car insurance

Don’t be one of those who gets put off by insurance packages costs. Accidents happen all the time! You never know when a car insurance in the Philippines will save your car from a plain fender bender or even a natural disaster. It will save you from shouldering more expenses when you just recently bought a car.

In fact, owning a car insurance in the Philippines has never been more crucial. Just recently, several areas in Metro Manila flooded after continuous heavy downpour. Availing a car insurance policy from the Philippines’ most reputable insurance company is the practical way to go. Don’t wait up and inquire now at Malayan Insurance!