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Expenses You Must Save For When Travelling Abroad

Most people usually make it a point to travel abroad at least once in their lives. Depending on the destination, international travels can take years to save up for. But did you know that aside from your air tickets and lodging, there are other basic, yet very important expenditures that are important to make travelling a worthwhile adventure?

Travel insurance

Many travelers often take lightly the importance of an international travel insurance. Securing an international travel insurance in the Philippines before taking the flight out of the country should not be viewed as an unnecessary expense because it can help you save a fortune should things go wrong while you’re abroad.

Before starting your trip, make sure to do some research about international travel insurance policies that will suit your travelling needs. If it’s your first time travelling abroad and you don’t have an idea of what might happen as you travel, it’s good to secure a comprehensive travel insurance such as Travel Master from Malayan Insurance.

Why secure a travel insurance?

Whether you are travelling overseas, or just taking a vacation to a local destination, it is strongly advised that you secure a travel insurance before going forth on your journey. This will cover you from accidents such as cancellation of trips or lost and stolen possessions while travelling. Travel insurance policies from Malayan Insurance offer 24-hour assistance anywhere in the globe through the help of an extensive network of emergency centers.


Riding a public transport to your destination is one way to fully enjoy your travelling experience. However, you need to take extra care if you’re travelling with young children or elderlies.

That is why most travelers prefer to rent cars so they can freely drive around or even stop by some places whenever necessary.

International travel insurance policies from Malayan Insurance also cover car rental protection, especially in case of accidents while having rental cars loaned to your name. This saves you from the financial liability of having to compensate the car rental company in case of any damage or accident involving the rental vehicle.


Your trip will not be complete without some activities, may it be water adventure, shopping spree in a night market, a visit to a museum or even a side trip to a local coffee shop. Aside from preparing your budget ahead of time, make sure to reserve some extra cash for some unexpected stops or attractions that you might want to try later on.


While hotels and accommodations may provide free Wi-Fi, having your own internet connection helps a lot while travelling. Whether you’ll use it for work or for real time social media updates, it’s better to have a reliable connection wherever you go. Some airports provide pocket Wi-Fi rentals that you can purchase online so make sure to reserve one in advance.

Travelling can be costly, especially if your chosen destination are thousands of miles away from home. It’s never good to bring along pocket that are enough strictly for fares, lodging and food. You must also be ready for any untoward incident such as accidents, crimes committed against you, and sickness especially when you are time zones away from home. Carefully planning your trip minimizes your worries, but securing the right international travel insurance can give you peace of mind while fully enjoying your trip.

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