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Escapades for your Weary Mind and Soul

Work can be stressful and daunting. Keeping up with the demands of your boss and beating deadlines. It is essential to keep work-life balance by giving yourself a break once in awhile. Before you plot your remaining leaves, here are some travel ideas that will definitely recharge not just your body but also your mind and soul.

Drink at TawHai Floating Bar, Lakawon Island in  Bacolod

Dubbed as the ‘largest floating bar in Asia’, TawHai Floating Bar is nestled off coast of Lakawon Island which is one and a half ride from Bacolod City. In local language, TawHai means to relax – an invitation to the bar’s cozy sun beds overlooking Lakawon Island itself. In the middle is where you can find a bar where you can buy drinks and food.

Cruise along Agusan River in Butuan

A tour along the largest river basin in the country means a commune with nature. Along the way, you’ll be greeted by mangroves, migratory birds, and other flora and fauna endemic to the region. AgusanRiver is where once the giant crocodile ‘Lolong’ lurked within.  But don’t fret; you’ll be safe in the pumpboat that traverses in the colossal body of water.  The river tour may not be as classy as other tours but the experience itself is laid-back and captivates your senses.

Chill at Manjuyod Sand Bar in Dumaguete

Manjuyod Sand Bar rose to fame when travel vblogger Le Blanc dub it as the ‘Maldives of the Philippines’. Upon arrival, you’ll be astounded by a 7-kilometer sand bar with native wooden houses built on stilts similar those in Maldives. You can rent and unwind in one of the wooden houses overlooking the bay. Although the place is not luxurious as Maldives sounds like, It will give you an experience like you are in a paradise.

Bum around the River Esplanade in Ilo-Ilo

Ilo-Ilo Esplanade is a 1.2 kilometer promenade where tourists and locals alike leisurely stroll. You can walk, jog, or bike amidst the lush landscape with an enthralling river view. After strolling, sip a hot bowl of La Paz Batchoy you can easily find around the city center.

Remember at M/M Eva Jocelyn Shrine in Tacloban City

Offer prayers to the victims of Yolanda tragedy as you visit M/M Eva Jocelyn Shrine in Anibong, Tacloban City. The shrine is part of the ship that washed ashore to the settlements near the bay during the Super Typhoon Yolanda. Remembering those who died in the tragedy will help you contemplate and reflect about your life. After your quick visit, head to Leyte Park and Resort for their ‘merienda buffet’ featuring Tacloban’s specialty, chocolate moron.

Adventure at Eden Nature Park in Davao City

Get an adrenaline rush with Eden Nature Park’s outdoor activities. If you want to experience riding a bicycle while suspended up in the air, their SkyCycle is an activity for you to consider. The park itself is like an Eden covered in sprawling greenery and packed with recreational activities.

Snack at Baker’s Hill, Puerto Princesa City

Mending your weary mind and soul is not always about relaxation. Sometimes, you have to satisfy your stomach to bring in motivation. In Baker’s Hill in Puerto Princesa City, you can find an array of baked goods that will surely satisfy your heart’s content. The place itself is a tourist spot with an in-house restaurant, a mini zoo, and a watch tower. Don’t forget to bring home a pack of chocolate crinkles, one of their bestsellers.

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Written by John Marco M. Maligaya

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