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Elections Are Coming! Are You Prepared For The Crowds?

Elections are coming! So too, are the crowds! Are you prepared to face both?

The 2022 elections have been a hot topic among Filipinos, and many are eager to vote on the 9th of May. However, the pandemic still looms over the Philippines as many fear a surge in significant cases after the elections. Anyone who has voted before knows how crowded the election areas are. 

It’s advised that everyone take extra steps to protect themselves against COVID-19 and heat strokes. Use the guide below as a checklist on what to do before going to the polls.

Anticipate crowds, early or otherwise

The funny thing about elections is that everyone wants to go early so that there wouldn’t be any lines. For this season, it’s hard to predict whether the early hours will bear the burden of overcrowding or not. Always anticipate the possibility that you will be there for a while.

Get vaccinated / boosted

If you’ve put off vaccinations or boosters this long and you want to do your part in voting for the country’s future, now’s a good time to do so. The worst thing about elections is that you don’t know how long you’ll last in line. Some say an hour; others say three at worst. Don’t be a victim! Get your vaccinations/boosters as soon as possible!

Get COVID insurance

Sometimes the virus can slip through the cracks and affect our loved ones or us. Getting COVID insurance, like Vital Cover Philippines, can get you out of a bad financial situation if you think the state of election areas will be chaotic come election day. The other good thing about Vital Cover is that malaria and dengue are also part of the coverage. You really won’t be losing much from getting COVID insurance such as this! But if you’re still iffy about going out to crowded areas, you should probably consider looking up insurance policies from trusted companies in the Philippines. 

Bring water and have a heavy meal

Resist the temptation to eat in public if you can! At the very least, you should keep your mask on as added protection. If you’re easily dehydrated under the summer sun, take a bottle of water with you. But avoid taking your mask off too much while you’re in line at the ballots.  

It’s going to be a busy day during election day, but the one thing you need to remember is that you are doing this for the future of your country. Your votes may count as only one, but among other supporters of your chosen candidates, it can stack to a number that can win them the seat.