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Deciding Factors of Property Investments in 2021

The pandemic has taught residential realtors and investors the importance of being attentive towards property investments. For instance, the real estate industry didn’t anticipate the possibility of year-long confinement caused by the pandemic. Due to this, there has been a surplus of residential properties in Metro Manila. 

Despite the significant drop in real estate investments at the onset of the pandemic, the industry recovered to an extent. Buyers today have set specific deciding factors with the present risks. Accessibility to food, healthcare, and employment took priority over other luxuries and various facilities.

Before the year ends, check out the list of the deciding factors for property investments, which you can apply even in the future.


Price is the top consideration for most investors. The nationwide community quarantine affected the costs of most properties significantly for over a year. Real estate companies doubled down by offering deals with low-interest rates to attract buyers.

If you’re looking to invest in properties, this year is the best time to decide. With the rolling out of vaccines and the easing of alert levels, this window of opportunity will close soon.


Over the past year, there has been an increase in foreclosed properties. This is mainly because thousands of people lost their jobs and businesses during the pandemic, rendering them unable to pay rent or upkeep. 

An article by Manila Standard noted how foreclosed residential properties received attention from property seekers. The abundance of affordable offers in key regions around the metro made this a significant observation. Investors should grab the opportunity to use these properties while readily available to get a head start once the economy recovers.

Indoor Workspace

Potential buyers recognize the significance of having sufficient indoor space to arrange a work-from-home setup. Most of us won’t take kindly to working in a noisy, tight space. Having enough personal space is essential for work, exercise, or peace of mind.


A property’s location can become a key asset. There was a time when traveling without a quarantine pass made it hard to go around. The more accessibility we had to necessities, the better we felt about our living situation. This made proximity to business establishments, like markets, government offices, and hospitals, become of great importance, especially during the pandemic.

Moving Forward

The real estate industry is bound to make a comeback from the events of 2020. The country’s average population age is 25-26 years old, and these up-and-coming individuals will all need places to stay. Investors and buyers should take advantage of this to invest while prices are still low. 

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