Car Insurance

Common Car Breakdown Issues

If you don’t fancy having downtimes with your personal vehicle, then you should take matters into your own by getting a car insurance in the Philippines and more.

Car breakdowns are a driver’s worst nightmare when they encounter them at an inconvenient time— which is pretty much every day. This dilemma is usually caused by faulty engines or a lack of maintenance efforts from the owner. Either way, breakdowns are often avoidable if you know where to look. If you don’t, bring your car to a repair shop if you suspect that it’s not in optimal condition. At least you can count on car insurance from trusted non-life insurance companies in the Philippines to fund your repair fees while you leave it in the shop. 

But if you don’t fancy having downtimes with your personal vehicle, then you should take matters into your own hands by doing the following:

Prevent it from overheating/overuse

Overheating is an issue car owners encounter when they’re overworking their vehicles under the summer sun. Sometimes, this can also be caused by coolant leaks or faulty radiation leaks. 

To avoid this, make sure your engine’s in top shape before using it. You should also let your car cool down during long trips by taking 20-30 minute breaks at rest areas whenever possible.

Turn the lights/electronics off when not in use

Car breakdowns from battery issues are pretty usual, especially if you’re a night driver who often uses the headlights or the indoor light. If you leave either one up for more than twelve hours, you’ll get a drained or dead battery in the morning. Before going inside your home, you should make sure that all the lights are turned off.

Check the transmission fluid 

Transmission fluid is crucial to get your car to work. Before heading on the road, make sure you have enough transmission fluid in your vehicle. You should also check leaks. If your vehicle is experiencing problems within this area, have it checked immediately. 

Other things to note

Besides these three, your car can also suffer from momentary loss of function through tire damage, overloading, and even other causes that are difficult to spot by the untrained eye. That’s why it’s vital to have your car checked once every six months or so by a professional while doing the bare essential maintenance efforts yourself once every other week. The healthier your vehicle is, the less you’ll worry about it while on the road.