Car Care Tips

Car Repainting: Things To Consider

Consider these before repainting your car for a fresh start. Partner with the best car insurance in the Philippines.


A new look can provide a brand new meaning to a person’s life. But besides having a makeover for yourself, you could also bring some changes to the things you own and frequently use like your vehicle. 

Many want to have their cars repainted so it would seem brand new again. Still, whether it’s to fix damages or to make your car look more pleasing, you need to learn and plan on how to improve your ride.

Alongside getting the best car insurance in the Philippines, here are the things you need answered before heading to an auto repainting center:

How much does a car repainting cost?

Cost is probably the biggest issue to deal with in providing fresh paint for your vehicle. You better save up if you really want to do this. In the Philippines, a full car body repainting work can cost around PHP 30,000 to PHP 50,000. This amount can still get much lower, depending on which specific panels or damaged parts you want to be repainted.

Is repainting my car against the law?

No, it is not. But if you plan on changing your car’s color, you will need to present a Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate (MVCC) from PNP-TMG, in addition to your Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt to the Land Transportation Office (LTO). The estimated duration of acquiring the said clearance is at least 4 working days.

Moreover, contacting an LTO representative beforehand would be very helpful. It would do you good to know if there are some changes in policies and requirements during the pandemic.

What colors should I use?

Different types of car paint include solids, mattes, pearl, and metallic. As for the colors, the standard choice would be using what is similar to the original look of your car. Otherwise, keep in mind that darker colors are harder to spot at night, and brighter colors are harder to maintain as they eventually fade. Be careful of the new colors you choose because do-overs would cost you a lot. 

What about my stamps and stickers?

Car stickers can hold a sentimental value to their owners, as some of these represent their previous adventures. As the car owner, you can request your authorized service center to have your car stamps, stickers, logos, and metallic letters resealed. Additionally, you can improve on your other car parts as well to make everything look fresh.

How do I maintain my newly painted car?

When parking your car, make sure to keep it in your garage or at least under a roof with adequate shade. Also, make sure to carefully and gently wash your car by avoiding high pressure spray guns and strong stain removers. These efforts would help prevent the new paint from falling out, and protect it while it is still setting nicely.

These changes from your newly-painted car should sort out well when properly dealt with. Always be prepared for any unfortunate event on the road with comprehensive plans from your trusted insurance companies in the Philippines.