Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas For Car Lovers

Is your budget tight this Christmas? No worries! Here are some simple but thoughtful gift ideas for car enthusiasts.


Christmas is the happiest event of the year for many. This is when we finally take a break, and spend more quality time with our loved ones. This year, however, would be different, as we have to accommodate the changes the pandemic has set. Nevertheless, this does not mean we cannot work around this setback. We could still celebrate and make our family and friends smile, through simple but thoughtful gifts!

Like getting the best car insurance in the Philippines for car lovers, there are also other lovely gifts they would appreciate. Here are some budget-friendly ideas:

Small budget

With all that has happened, it is understandable to want to get thriftier this year. Here are affordable gift ideas at online shopping marketplaces, with prices lower than PHP 1,000:

  • Personalized keychain – The beauty of keychains is subjective. This can be your loved one’s favorite color, animal, game, or even music (e.g. scannable keychain)! Otherwise, you can go simple with a sophisticated leather with custom engraving.
  • Travel dining tray – If they love to eat or go to drive-thrus, this is the way to go. With this, they can have the joys of a spill-free drive, especially when purchasing essentials outside. 
  • Mini trash bin – This is unconventional. However, face masks, food, and other items are brought in the car all the time. A small bin you can safely hang inside would be handy.

Mid-range budget

If you’ve saved a little more or would provide gifts for a lesser number of people, these items ranging from PHP 1,000 to 5,000 could be up to your liking:

  • Mini fridge – Cars are drivers’ safe haven these uncertain times. This is for car lovers who want to make their vehicle more homey and food-friendly. 
  • Wireless phone charger – Who doesn’t use phones these days? Upgrade their charger with a wireless one for a cooler, more convenient use.
  • Portable jump starter –  Having a dead car battery is an unforeseen event that would be more frustrating today, so this is a practical buy. Some portable jump starters can also double as a torch light or a power bank!

Moderate budget

Should you be shopping for only 1 to 3 people, then you will probably have more funds to spare! The items are good for a budget of PHP 5,000 and above.

  • Car cleaning kit – Cleanliness is a high priority for many. Help their car stay in top condition with complete tools including washing mitts, brushes, seat cleaners, and more.
  • Dash cam – It is never too much to equip someone with monitoring tools for more reassuring drives. This can also strongly support insurance claims later on.

Regardless of the price, you can still make someone feel special even in our current world situation. There are lots of useful gifts out there, which can also double as a great investment like car insurance in the Philippines.