Best Workplace Practices During COVID-19

Know some of the best decisions and efforts businesses have taken to support employees and the community during the pandemic.


No matter how well businesses prepare at the start of the year, certain challenges can still take them by surprise. This is why companies craft extensive business plans and acquire property insurance in the Philippines early on for success and security. 

This year has been significantly more difficult due to COVID-19. But despite this, many businesses and organizations that have taken their time, resources, and efforts not only to adapt, but also to support other communities to recover. 

These are some of the best workplace practices during COVID-19 that your business can take inspiration from:

Increasing work flexibility

Supporting work-from-home arrangements have boomed drastically during the pandemic. According to a study, 77% of workers feel that companies will be more open to allow remote work, even once the global pandemic is over. It takes a huge consideration on the part of the employers to provide their workers a safer environment. Letting employees enjoy flexible work and personal accident insurance in the Philippines can increase their motivation and keep their loyalty.

Repurposing of products

The largest players in the liquor industry have geared their production to making disinfectants early this year. Distilleries and breweries such as Ginebra San Miguel, Emperador, Asia Brewery, and Tanduay Distillers have repurposed their gin products to produce cleaning solutions. They have supplied raw materials for rubbing alcohol and donated to the Department of Health, hospitals, villages, military, and police. These efforts have contributed to saving many jobs, while keeping their businesses up and running.

Using skills to aid health workers

Due to the limited resources of health workers and doctors, they often run out of masks and PPEs. This resorted to the use of less effective improvised materials. To address this, Filipino fashion designers and brands have pitched in to sew, cut, and craft surgical masks and PPEs for frontliners. Many have also used social media as their main platform for sourcing more materials. These efforts have resulted in producing hundreds and thousands of reusable masks, along with collecting generous cash donations for those in need.

Giving back to the community

Various big and well-known companies have donated funds and goods to affected communities. This includes Samsung Philippines donating smartphones and tablets to patients and researchers, Coca-Cola Philippines redirecting their advertising budget toward relief operations, and Globe Telecom installing free GoWIFI services in hospitals and supermarkets nationwide. As such, smaller businesses have also given back to the community. Volunteering, fundraising, and partial sales donations have directly helped and supported many people in distress.

In the end, all kinds of help from big and small companies eventually accumulate and promote societal recovery. The best business practices from the time of COVID-19 combine both employee support and community aid.