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Benefits of Owning a Small Car

Thinking of shopping for a small car? Great choice! But if you’re unsure of the advantages of owning a small car, refer to this short guide!

Finally, decided to buy your first car? Chances are you’re already eyeing affordable options that are reliable and relatively new. Small cars are usually the first choice for consumers who are new to the world of automobiles. But, are these vehicles worth owning? Or are they just cheap to own and underwhelming to use?  

If you ask small car owners, they might take time to lay down a list of pros to using compact cars for their everyday lives. To save you time, refer to the shortlist below on the benefits of owning small vehicles.

(For the sake of clarity, this guide refers to vehicles that are of similar size or variety as the following: Suzuki Celerio, Kia Picanto, Hyundai Eon, Chevy Spark, Toyota Wigo, Mini Cooper, Ford Fiesta.)

Costs less

The most obvious advantage to owning a small car is that it’s more affordable and requires less maintenance. What you give up in space, you make up for in annual fees, which is a definite pro for single people looking for a ride or parents looking for a bargain. 

Easier to maneuver

Small cars are easier to move around and give anxious drivers more confidence in their maneuverability skills. Its size also makes it less intimidating to handle in cramped spaces. Although its compactness means less space in the back for long trips, it should not be a huge problem for light packers and meticulous planners.

Safer than previous iterations

Thanks to the many technological innovations in the industry, small cars are now safer than they were before against collisions. These vehicles now utilize strong lightweight materials that can protect their passengers from hard impacts, which used to be exclusive to their more expensive counterparts. 

This does not mean road accidents are no longer a cause for concern, as the primary goal of improved durability is to lessen the trauma and prevent possible fatalities. That’s why drivers should always be up to date with their car insurance policy in the Philippines before venturing into the great open roads. Safety first!

Resale value

As far as the aftermarket is concerned, demand for such affordable cars may vary between brands and locations. Here in the Philippines, there is always a demand for family cars, and so long as your vehicle is in good condition, you would be able to find a buyer for it easily. 

As a bonus, small cars have low CO2 emissions, which is excellent for environmentally aware customers looking for a great deal!

Finally, if you are wondering if it’s better to get a small car or a motorcycle, clear your thoughts and think about your significant priorities. Do you travel a lot? Do you see yourself carrying heavy/fragile items every month? Do you have a family of three-four? If so, go for a four-wheeled vehicle. 

Motorcycles are smaller and more compact, but they lack long-term reliability for slowly growing families. They are also cheaper as far as motorcycle insurance and annual maintenance fees go. Still, it’s all up to the owner’s lifestyle.

Small cars are a treat to own for city folk. First-time car owners should also invest in a small car before moving to bigger vehicles. They are very accessible for drivers young and old, and they can even teach owners the value of space management.