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Ways Insurance Companies Aid In National Development

Insurance companies, banks, and lenders each serves as a unique funding source for the people. The role of insurance companies in the Philippines to the development of the national economy cannot be disputed. As early as 1964, the United Nations has identified the industry as an important component of a functional economy. The diligence they perform when making investment […]


Three Things Your Homeowners Insurance Policy in the Philippines Must Provide

Some people may say that it’s better to have your property stolen from you, than have years, even decades worth of investment washed away by a devastating storm. Properties lost may be difficult to replace, but lives claimed by these casualties are impossible to restore. So to protect ourselves from the losses these calamities can cause, a […]

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Ways Malayan Insurance Keeps You Insured During the Rainy Season

In a country where long heavy rains end in catastrophic proportions, we make sure to protect our family, ourselves, and our valued possessions. Just last September when Typhoon Maring hit the Philippines, more than 2,000 families  were affected. This equates to 2,000 households ruined beyond repair, properties washed off with a wave of the water, millions of pesos […]