Driving Tips

A Guide To Prevent Common Car Accidents In The Philippines

Stay alert and know how to prevent these common car accidents in the Philippines before you go for a productive drive.


Traveling by a private vehicle is likely the safest means of transportation right now, as commuting still presents a bigger health risk. Because of this, many take precaution with complete car insurance in the Philippines for better financial security early on. 

And while there seems to be less vehicles on the road, drivers should not become complacent. Reports say that despite the pandemic, car crashes are still abundant. Reasons for this include overspeeding, surge of delivery service providers, feelings of frustration and depression, and unfocused drivers.

To increase your safety, stay alert and know how to prevent the most common car accidents in the Philippines with this guide:

Get your car fixed and improved regularly

Losing control of your car may likely stem from inadequate vehicle care. Follow a regular maintenance schedule and bring your car in for necessary repairs and improvements. A simple oil leak or any weird smell coming from your tires, fuel, or engine could be very dangerous when left unchecked.

Plan alternative ways to get home when drunk

Reminding others not to drink and drive could be very frustrating as a concerned family member, friend, or loved one. But as much as you can, help plan alternative ways to get people you know home when they are under the influence. This includes booking a cab or having another trusted person drive instead. Also, stay safe and avoid fines by always wearing a mask and following other health protocols and curfew hours.

Avoid rush hours to lessen frustrations

Being impatient and greedy can be your worst enemy. Although the hot and humid weather and other drivers may get on your nerves, you must remain in control of your emotions. Stay calm by driving earlier or around rush hours or listening to some soothing music. This could lessen your urge to make reckless decisions like overspeeding or overtaking.

Minimize distractions and always scan ahead

Another significant virtue every driver must have is discipline. For safer trips, you must have great focus and awareness of your surroundings. Presence of mind is advised by scanning the area you will drive to for at least 12-15 seconds in advance. To do this properly, refrain from texting while driving or use a wireless earphone or bluetooth for calls instead. 

Drive at a controllable pace for easy shifting

Sometimes, it’s not you—it’s them. No matter how unfair it is, other pedestrians may cause you severe injuries or even an untimely death. This is why you have to quickly adapt to their actions. Be mindful of different speed limits and drive at a controllable pace, so you can have enough time to shift your driving response as needed.

Car accidents are inevitable even at a time when you least expect it. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your car, by looking into relevant policies from reputable non-life insurance companies in the Philippines today.