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8 Worst Travel Advice

There are so many travel tips online and many of them say similar things. With such helpful tips, how can you go wrong with your trips? Well, your trips can get from bad to worse if you listen to these terrible travel advice:

Don’t be afraid to spend

The idea that you may not come back to the place in a while (or ever) is tempting. We’re talking about food, drinks, clothes, souvenirs, bars, parties, events, etc. What makes this a bad advice is that you may run out of money and worse, come back home with lots of pasalubong but financially empty handed. Some trips may be once in a lifetime, but you still have a lifetime after that trip and you are going to need funds for the rest of that lifetime too.

Don’t make plans

There is value in being spontaneous when on vacation. Having an open mind helps you appreciate scenes, sites and culture. There is also a sense of satisfaction having discovered something new on your own, but it doesn’t mean not to make plans at all. It is helpful to learn ahead what are the typical means of transportation, how much pocket money is needed, where to go for emergencies, if there are alternative accommodations, what to do in case there are flight delays or cancellations, particular sights to see and food to eat, how to get there, and so on. Planning these out is healthy for your wallet and safety.

Bring outfit for every weather and occasion

We tend to base our decision to go on trips based on the season but we fail to check the weather before we leave. Determining the weather prior to leaving helps you pack clothes that will be useful and friendly to your baggage’s weight. Planning out what you intend to do and visit does the same as well. Again, it does pay to plan. Besides, you don’t plan on going around with a bunch of luggage in tow.

Don’t travel during peak season

Not a lot of people are fans of crowds, tourists in particular, but there is a reason why peak season is peak season. Some sought after activities and fresh produce are available during peak season like going to the beach during summer in the Philippines, visiting Japan in spring or skiing in Whistler right before the peak of winter. It’s more affordable to visit during off-peak but can you imagine trying to sunbathe during stormy weekends? To get the best deals during peak season or whenever you decide to travel, we suggest booking at

Don’t need travel insurance

It’s a typical response for things that may not happen during your vacation. But that’s the point that many miss – unwanted things may happen and when they do, your insurance is there to help you. Travel Master by Malayan Insurance ensures that you are covered for baggage loss, extreme flight delays, personal accident, personal liability (when you cause the accident) and comes with Assist America which provides cashless medical assistance and other travel-related assistance while you are on your trip. When you book at, make sure to choose to be insured with Malayan’s Travel Master.

Don’t eat street food

Some stomachs are too sensitive to enjoy not-so-sanitized local delicacies but if you have an explorer’s spirit, eating street food is the best way to enjoy your travel and learn about the people and culture.

Women should never travel alone

This does not require any explanation.

Whether you are traveling alone, with family, friends or colleagues, you can enjoy every travel the way you choose to, just avoid really bad advice. But to make sure you get the best deals for your travel, always go to


Written by Kristina Relampagos

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