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5 Signs It’s Time To Move Out Of Your Parents’ House

Are you ready to be more independent? Here are some signs to tell if it is now time to move out of your parents’ house.


For Filipinos, it is not a big issue to stay at your parents’ house even after you become older than 18. Unlike many countries, it is ingrained in our culture to be very family-oriented. This makes us accustomed to staying with them for a long time.

But eventually, there are things you would like to experience on your own. You would want to enjoy more independence and freedom as an adult. You can then try to handle new responsibilities such as getting a place of your own, like a condo with a condo insurance in the Philippines.

But before that, how do you know you are finally ready? Here are some signs it is time to move out of your parents’ house: 

You want more privacy

Usually, most rooms are considered shared spaces at your family’s house. This can include bedrooms, leaving no more quiet, isolated place for yourself. If you have been feeling physically and mentally suffocated for a while, it might be time to consider moving out for your well-being.

You prefer quality relationships

When it comes to family conflicts, there are just some things that are not easily resolved—even with time. These may also be triggered when you have to deal with each other’s presence every day. Consider if your relationship with your family could be better in terms of quality than quantity of time spent.

You need to get to work faster

While many people have already been working at home for a while now, some employees still have to work onsite. If you are one of them, commuting very early in the middle of a pandemic is exhausting especially from a far location. Getting your own place closer to work is a chance to have more time for career, rest, and leisure.

You like things done differently

You might just prefer some things done your way. This could be for the simple things like food choices, toilet etiquette, sleeping habits, and the like. These things still matter, as differences can be burdening and they accumulate over time. When you are on your own, you get to decide what is best for your own comfort and convenience.

You have enough savings

At some point, you would have to fend for yourself, so this is a good learning opportunity. You would appreciate the value of money and hard work to pay for your own bills and survive. By being financially responsible, you can be proud of the stronger and more mature person you will become.

Leaving your parents’ house does not necessarily mean cutting off ties with them. Building self-reliance is a good thing as you reach your professional and personal goals in life. Think this through, and be ready for life’s changes and unforeseen events with a trusted home insurance in the Philippines.