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4 Possible Reasons Behind Your New Car Smell

possible reasons behind your new vehicle smell car insurance philippines

Many car owners today spend more time driving to work, buying essentials, rushing to emergencies, and the like. If you are frequently driving your own, you are probably already used to your car’s features, especially its smell. Any changes with this could be easily noticeable, and you might wonder what that would entail for your experience and safety.

To prepare for damages and losses on the road, many get comprehensive car insurance in the Philippines beforehand. However, it would still be helpful to understand the sudden changes in smell you may encounter during drives. Here is a guide to help you out:

Burnt Rubber Or Carpet

This smell comes from certain parts of your car made or wrapped in rubber that may already be melting. This could be due to contact with the hot engine block, electric short-circuit, or friction with belts. Bring your car for an immediate check, as there might be loose or burning rubber and brakes going on that could affect its performance and your safety.

Hot Oil Or Gas

Oil leaks present too much danger to your vehicle and its passengers to be neglected. Not only can oil leakage become a fire hazard, but this can also cause stains along the driveway and harm the environment. At times, this could also turn into bluish smoke from the tailpipe, which means that oil could be leaking into the engine itself.

Sweet Smell

There may be instances where you would go for a drive on an empty stomach and start to crave a snack. However, randomly smelling something sweet could be more than just mere hunger hallucinations. That maple syrup smell coming from your car may be the coolant or the antifreeze leaking. This usually regulates the temperature in your car. But when left unchecked, it may cause your vehicle to overheat.

Rotten Eggs (Sulfur)

There could be a small chance that you might actually have rotten eggs stored inside your vehicle. And once you are sure there aren’t any, that rotten egg smell may be the scent of sulfur coming from several challenges that require attention. This could be from a dirty fuel filter, old transmission fluid, or failing catalytic converter.

Should you recognize any of these new car smells, it is advised to go to your mechanic for assistance. Amid this pandemic crisis, we should be more alert when it comes to our health and safety. Drive more confidently today with a well-maintained car, along with your trusted insurance companies in the Philippines.